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Lost AirPods may feel like the end of the world, but we have a better solution. Check out these wired headphones for some peace of mind and quality sound.

Lost your AirPods? Who cares? The coolest wired headphones

Apple AirPods have been all the rage for quite some time now. Although their popularity has skyrocketed, losing the pods can be a big concern. Honestly, ask any AirPods listener if they’ve ever lost a pair and wait for their face to drop. It’s happened to us all.

AirPods are so sensationalized that it may cause some to overlook other premium brands. Arguably, these brands may be better and can offer much more than those lost AirPods! 

Of course, this depends on the intention and use of the headphones. Below is a list of versatile, practical, and stylish wired headphones. They’re durable and less likely to fall out of your ears while walking or however you’ve lost AirPods in the past.

Denon headphones 

The Denon headphones have a classy artisanal design. The most distinctive physical feature is their Zebrawood earcup combined with memory foam for ideal comfort.  Unlike AirPods, Denon headphones lay comfortably on the neck making them easy to carry and an excellent loss prevention method.

Denon’s high-quality design allows for a no break-in period. Customers can wear Denon headphones straight from the box. This product is suitable for long listening sessions and relaxation. The headphones rotate and include a lengthy audio cable. This allows customers freedom & mobility. If you plan on using these headphones for Apple products, a digital audio converter would need to be purchased.

1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver is an affordable wired earbud headphone with a sleek design. It has an inconspicuous look & feel to them. They’re known to be subtle & durable products. The headphones include a hard case and numerous sizable foam/rubber ear tips. 

The triple driver’s stand-out feature provides a complete premium audio experience, making it a top-tier contender even against expensive name-brand headphones. These headphones come with an auxiliary jack cord but ask about the 1More apple lightning connector for Apple products. 1More come with a diverse headphones lineup & customer satisfaction.

Sweetwater headphones 

Sweetwater headphones are great for musicians or long hours in the studio. Choose between closed-back & open-back headphones. Their unique styles emulate studio monitors for premium and optimal sound. These are great headphones for the professional creative that needs excellent isolation in loud environments. 

Sweetwater headphones are essential studio tools. So if you are an artist, producer, or audio engineer, these headphones can make all the difference when dubbing, mixing, and mastering a project.

The Haymaker headphones 

Gamers or moviegoers, get ready! The Haymaker headphones have a flashy style with RGB led lights! Choose between eight different colors with just a touch of a finger. Enjoy an extremely cool presentation with carbon fiber and ultra comfort ear cups. The Haymaker comes with an auxiliary cord & gaming control cable. However, it doesn’t stop there! They also have a Bluetooth option. 

This headphone is an excellent choice for long hours in front of a PC or TV screen. The Haymaker creators thought of everything! Although they may have a higher price, these headphones feature crisp voice processing for phone calls & gaming experiences. This includes a battery life of over thirty hours. Losing Apple AirPods never crossed the mind of Haymaker fans!

Frends Headphones 

Frends is an everyday headphone with a fashionable hip style. They are known for their jewelry aesthetic –feminine, simple, and/or colorful. Choose between large & small ear coverings as well as earbud options. They are made with leather-covered and cushion ear cups. 

Choose among the popular rose gold, taylor oil slick multi-color, and gunmetal silver that provide a polished, stylish look. Frends headphones fold for an easy put-away for the customer’s convenience. These headphones are meant for quick and casual listening. Great idea for a present that’ll never get lost!

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