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WhatsApp is an app designed to bolster communication between customers and clients. Learn more about the WhatsApp experience here.

What’s up with WhatsApp Experience?

WhatsApp Business was created with the aim of using instant messaging to enhance the standard of customer-centered services for SMEs. The Facebook-owned company wanted to supply companies with an efficient channel to urge in-tune with customers. 

So, how does WhatsApp Business work, and what do you have to be using it for? How does one find out a Business profile and why is it even more important during the Coronavirus? Keep reading to find out! We all know WhatsApp, the favored messaging app that permits us to remain in-tuned with friends and family, especially in times like these when our movements are limited thanks to current circumstances. 

WhatsApp Business may be a free application, available on both Android and Apple devices that specialize in facilitating interactions with customers for business owners. Sellers can use WhatsApp Business to try to do whatever they typically do (whether it’s texting or sending photos) because the app is meant to be a bit like WhatsApp Messenger and offer a really similar user experience. 

Customers wish to chat with their favorite brands on WhatsApp. However, because it is often very tedious to exchange several messages and photos to urge information on products, a replacement shopping catalog feature has been unrolled. WhatsApp Business was particularly created for merchants that want to be ready to share information about their products and services more efficiently and interactively. 

The merchandise catalogs on WhatsApp are quite like virtual and mobile showrooms. Interested customers can simply flick through these catalogs and simply find out what they need to shop for.

In the past, companies had to send detailed product images and therefore the same information to different customers over and over again. Now, patrons can require a glance at the brand’s full catalog directly within WhatsApp. 

The advantages for you and your e-commerce: Less work for salespeople and, at an equivalent time, a more professional appearance for your brand. The WhatsApp Business application can therefore now be used as a channel to urge in-tuned customers or offer customer support. 

At an equivalent time, online merchants can use the app as an addition to or rather than an actual online shop. In fact, sellers have the power to interact with their customers in WhatsApp chats without having to direct them to the e-commerce website.

Whatsapp pricing

WhatsApp Pricing  is offered per country you’re located in. Usually, partners charge per message.

Argentina                                       $0.0415 $0.0408 $0.0402 $0.0382

Brazil                                           $0.0473 $0.0455 $0.0438 $0.0403

Chile                                           $0.0586 $0.0578 $0.0566 $0.0550

Colombia                               $0.0100 $0.0095 $0.0088 $0.0078

Egypt                                             $0.0687 $0.0672 $0.0651 $0.0621

France                                             $0.0768 $0.0718 $0.0643 $0.0544

Germany                                 $0.0858 $0.0845 $0.0831 $0.0792

India                                             $0.0042 $0.0042 $0.0040 $0.0040

Indonesia                                        $0.0240 $0.0237 $0.0234 $0.0227

Israel                                             $0.0232 $0.0221 $0.0204 $0.0182

Italy                                             $0.0420 $0.0414 $0.0408 $0.0389

Malaysia                                 $0.0407 $0.0396 $0.0386 $0.0354

Mexico                                             $0.0266 $0.0262 $0.0257 $0.0243

Nigeria                                             $0.0319 $0.0296 $0.0260 $0.0213

Pakistan                                 $0.0253 $0.0244 $0.0232 $0.0215

Peru                                             $0.0444 $0.0419 $0.0381 $0.0330

Russia                                             $0.0477 $0.0465 $0.0452 $0.0416

Spain                                             $0.0380 $0.0370 $0.0355 $0.0335

Turkey                                             $0.0100 $0.0097 $0.0094 $0.0085

Rest of Latin America*         $0.0515 $0.0505 $0.0495 $0.0466

Rest of Middle East*                     $0.0514 $0.0506 $0.0499 $0.0476

Rest of Western Europe*         $0.0750 $0.0738 $0.0726 $0.0689

United Arab Emirates                     $0.0235 $0.0230 $0.0224 $0.0215

United Kingdom                     $0.0398 $0.0389 $0.0380 $0.0354

Rest of Africa*                                 $0.0576 $0.0561 $0.0547 $0.0504

North America*                     $0.0085 $0.0083 $0.0080 $0.0073

Rest of Asia Pacific*                     $0.0505 $0.0497 $0.0489 $0.0464

Rest of Africa*                                 $0.0576 $0.0561 $0.0547 $0.0504

Saudi Arabia                                 $0.0260 $0.0248 $0.0230 $0.0206

South Africa                                 $0.0200 $0.0189 $0.0173 $0.0151

Netherlands                                     $0.0800 $0.0777 $0.0741 $0.0695

Rest of Central & Eastern Europe*  $0.0619 $0.0606 $0.0593 $0.0555

Other*                                             $0.0380 $0.0380 $0.0380 $0.0380

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