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WeVPN may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but their team is comprised of industry rock stars. Basically, the Justice League of VPNs.

Why WeVPN is the best VPN in 2022

WeVPN may be a relative newcomer to the industry, but their team is comprised of industry rock stars with more than 100 years of combined VPN experience that joined forces to protect peoples’ privacy online more than anyone has before. Basically, the Justice League of VPNs.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, which is one of the best ways to protect your privacy on the internet. A VPN encrypts your online activity and sends it through their VPN tunnel, where hackers, identity thieves and even your ISP can’t see it, allowing you to freely browse the internet without fear of censorship, surveillance, connection throttling, targeted advertising and more. It will also hide your true IP address and location, which protects your privacy even more and also helps you circumvent geo restrictions to unblock websites.

Why choose WeVPN?

WeVPN was created with the mission of building a better VPN, and a quick search of reviews online will show you that they have done just that. They have all of the features of other leading VPNs and more, with incredible device compatibility and the best streaming support in the business, making them the VPN to beat. 

WePLAY: Best streaming VPN setup available

WePLAY is a proprietary system designed by WeVPN to allow you to access streaming content from all over the world. If you have tried to use a VPN while watching Netflix in the last few years, you have probably seen this dreaded screen:

Netflix has worked hard to block all VPN and proxy connections, and have been very successful in blocking most. That is why WeVPN built their own system to unblock Netflix and other top streaming providers like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more.  It has been so successful, that they expanded it to include more than 400 streaming services! That is more than 10 times the number of streaming services we have seen for any other VPN service on the market, putting WeVPN in a league of their own.

Best-in-class privacy protection

One of the main reasons WeVPN was founded was to create a better VPN, with a strong focus on the key underlying principle: privacy.  So, it is no surprise that WeVPN has best-in-class privacy protection for their users, every step of the way, from the apps and service right down to the country they are based in. 

Based in the British Virgin Islands

First and foremost, they chose to base their operations in the British Virgin Islands which is well-known in the privacy world as the safest place for a VPN due to their favorable privacy laws and lack of data retention laws. 

Strict No-Logs Policy

That last part is a key point for what is arguably their most important policy: a (very!) strict no-logs policy.  WeVPN does not log or share any of your personal information which is critical to protecting your privacy. 

RAMDisk and Sealed Server Technology

They go a step further by utilizing RAMDisk servers and Sealed Server Technology (SST). If a RAMDisk server is ever rebooted or disconnected, everything is wiped clean instantly, guaranteeing there won’t be any information on the servers if they are ever tampered with or even seized by authorities. Their use of Sealed Server Technology means that no human has direct access to the servers – not even WeVPN employees!  Their servers are launched and managed using the open-source management tool Ansible. Additionally, they use Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) Encryption as an added layer of defense.

VPN Kill Switch

WeVPN also includes a powerful “VPN Kill Switch”, which prevents your online activities and sensitive data from being exposed if your VPN connection ever drops. In the event that your VPN connection is somehow disconnected, WeVPN will immediately block ALL internet traffic, ensuring that your internet connection is completely protected at all times.

Powerful VPN Encryption Protocols

At the heart of any VPN service, is VPN encryption protocols. These are what protect your data and make it impossible to read if it was ever intercepted, making it an extremely important component.  WeVPN uses the best VPN encryption protocols available, including OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, WireGuard and IKEv2, which are relied upon by millions of people worldwide, including cybersecurity experts, military, government agencies and more.

WeBLOCK: Built-in ad, malware and tracker blocker

WeVPN includes a powerful ad, malware and tracker blocker named “WeBLOCK”. It uses a special DNS server to block bad domains that are on the publicly curated, constantly expanding GitHub project, blacklist. This completely blocks connections to malicious ads, including pop-ups and interstitial ads, as well as malware, trackers, phishing sites and more. In addition to protecting your privacy and security, this actually speeds up your connection and saves bandwidth since it prevents all of this bad stuff from even loading.

Protect all of your devices with one subscription

Most people have multiple devices they use online on a daily basis. Fortunately, WeVPN allows you to protect up to 10 devices with a single subscription for less than 9 cents per day, making it both easy and inexpensive to stay secure on any device, any time you go online. They have incredible device compatibility with apps for a wide variety of devices:

  • Desktops & Laptops: Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Linux
  • Phones & Tablets: iOS, Android, Amazon Fire OS, Huawei
  • Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox Edge, Opera
  • Smart TVs & Sticks: Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Chromecast with Google TV
  • Plus SmartDNS Solutions for Apple TV, XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo Switch

Possibly the fastest VPN ever

One downside for most VPN services, is that they severely limit your connection speed. Even with top VPN providers, it’s not uncommon to see your speeds cut in half, or worse, which offers a terrible user experience. Without high speeds, certain popular activities become difficult or even impossible, such as streaming video, playing online games and downloading large files. WeVPN is an unbelievably fast VPN service, having little to no noticeable effect on your connection speed. 

In Conclusion: WeVPN is a top-notch streaming VPN

Powerful privacy protections, industry-leading streaming support for more than 400 services and lightning-fast connection speeds puts WeVPN way ahead of the pack. In an industry full of mediocre solutions, WeVPN has done exactly what it set out to do: build a better VPN.

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