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Making sure that your website is working properly can seem like a full-time job. Learn about the advantages of website reliability monitoring.

Improve your website’s reliability with this simple method

Having a website for your business is becoming more and more critical. It’s gotten so important that people won’t buy from a business unless they can visit their website. Operating a nice-looking website is becoming synonymous with the quality of the core business.

But visual beauty and aesthetics are not everything when it comes to websites. Reliability is arguably a lot more important than looks. It makes sense, though. A pretty website that won’t load half of the time is absolutely useless in attracting customers. How do I improve the reliability of my website? You ask. With Robotalp, of course.

There are many ways of maintaining a smooth-running website. However, a lot of them are time-consuming and costly. Robotalp, on the other hand, will take all of the hard work off of you. So, you can rest assured knowing that your website is working as intended. There are four main ways used by Robotalp to offer this service:

Website monitoring:

The website monitoring method uses regular checkups to endure your site’s smooth operations. A smart system constantly checks the website and also records load times. A notification is sent out immediately if any issue is detected so the person responsible for the maintenance can fix it as quickly as possible.

Port monitoring:

Ports are what keep your website running and ensure the  flow of data packets on the network. Manual port monitoring is extremely tedious and time-consuming. An automated system, on the other hand, does all of the heavy liftings for you. It will constantly scan for open and closed ports and send you updates based on your preferences.

Pagespeed monitoring:

Google pagespeed is a real-world benchmark of a webpage’s operating speed. A slow-loading page will turn away a lot more customers than you might think. So, ensuring that every single page on your website has fast loading times is critical.

But you cannot just go and test all web pages one at a time, like twice a day. That would be both inefficient and ineffective. Instead, the automated website reliability service does it all for you. Now, you might think that once a web page is optimized, it will never get slow again.

But, that’s not the case. A lot of things can cause a specific webpage to come to a crawl without your knowledge. You would want at least a notification when the issue occurs, and that’s exactly what this automation software does.

SSL monitoring:

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is the thing that’s keeping the modern internet together. It ensures that the data transferred between the website and the user is secure and safe from any malicious tampering. 

It has pretty much become the standard for every legit site on the internet. If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, most browsers will not let the user visit you. Additionally, most customers will be scared off immediately and will not return to you for fear of getting malware. 

Now, you might think that you have SSL for your site; why would you need any monitoring for that? Well, a little slip up in the regular site maintenance caused by human error can turn off the certificate. The effects on your revenue will be immediate, but it might take some time for you to notice. Monitoring systems, on the other hand, will notify you in a second about this massive issue. 

Final words:

Running a website on your own is complicated, with a lot of things that can go wrong. Opting for a monitoring service like Robotalp ensures that your online presence remains intact no matter what. 

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