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The major manufacturers of audio solutions are always dedicated to making the best waterproof headphones. Which headphones are the best?

Discover The Best Options for Waterproof Headphones

Today, many of us are so hooked on listening to music that we cannot be without our favorite music for even a second, not even in the shower, swimming pool, or at the beach. Now, it is possible to listen to music even in water with waterproof headphones. 

The major manufacturers of audio solutions are always dedicated to making the best waterproof headphones so that people can enjoy music everywhere. In today’s article, we will talk about the best headphones on the market for swimming.

1: Finis Duo Bone Conduction Underwater MP3 Player

They are not a simple pair of headphones; in fact, it is an MP3 player, so they do not use Bluetooth for transmission. They have approximately 4GB of memory, and it means that you can load up to 1000 songs.

As for the controls, they have a simple four-button interface, which allows you to comfortably manage the playback underwater. In fact, with a simple touch, you can adjust the volume, skip songs, or stop playback.

The installed battery offers an approximate time of seven hours with a full charge. It will be necessary to use the magnetic spring to recharge these waterproof headphones. The sound is clear and accurate even underwater. They are easy to put on. 

2: Sony NW-WS413

They are very comfortable and versatile; in fact, you will not need your phone to listen to your favorite songs since they have a memory of4 GB inside. They are waterproof to a depth of 2 meters for a maximum time of 30 minutes. It is obvious they will last longer at a lower depth.

To load your favorite songs, you can simply connect your headphones to your computer and paste the files inside.

The audio quality is good, as you can expect from Sony. They have excellent bass and good sound insulation.

They have a battery life of 12 hours with a single recharge.

They are really light in weight as they weigh only 32g.

These waterproof headphones also offer the environmental mode function, which, once activated, will allow you to decide whether to completely isolate yourself from everything around you or not.

3: Bragi Dash Pro

They are old-fashioned waterproof Bluetooth headphones, but they also have a 4GB internal memory. They are very light in weight; in fact, each earbud weighs only 8g.

They are waterproof with the certification of IPX7. They can remain submerged up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Each headset has quick and easy controls that allow you to manage playback effectively.

In addition to allowing you to listen to your favorite music, they can measure your heart rate, count calories burned, steps, distance traveled, speed, temperature, and the amount of oxygen in your blood.

They offer a very lively and dynamic sound, with slight passive isolation that helps to improve the quality of the audio.

You will get a total of 30 hours of battery. The audio quality is good, and the design offers great comfort as you use these waterproof headphones.

I hope you can find the best pick when you intend to get your next pair of waterproof headphones

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