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Virtual Reality NSFW content has taken the adult industry by storm over the past few years. Check out the wildest film parodies here.

Top 6 Film Parodies As Never Seen Before In VR

In the world of sexuality, we can find all kinds of different kinks and ways to get ourselves going. We’re all different and we’ll all have certain things that drive us wild. With the invention of Virtual Reality, the opportunities seem almost limitless. 

Virtual Reality porn has taken the adult industry by storm over the past few years and its popularity has become pretty significant. The idea of going one step further and placing yourself in the shoes of those providing the entertainment is too tempting for many. 

As a society, we’ve now managed to link together cosplay porn and Virtual Reality in order to create VR cosplay porn. In recent times, those in the adult industry have managed to create plenty of parodies for guys and gals alike to enjoy. 

If you know your pornos, then you’ll know that film parodies have been around for decades. The VR genre has fully embraced the world of parody, too, and you can polish the banister to an array of different movies in 2021 and beyond!

Here are six marvelous film parodies that are available for your entertainment if you ever decide that this new adventure sounds right up your street:

Wonder Woman – A XXX Parody

You’ve all seen Wonder Woman and the heroic acts she undergoes. For decades now, she has been the heroine that young women all aspired to be like. A role model to plenty as she defeats evil and destroys all threats to communities. 

Behind the scenes, however, you get to experience the side that is saved for only yourself. You get to see the array of talents that make her more than just a superheroine as she rocks your absolute world. Head over and see what the fuss is all about. You’ll understand why young girls want to be in her boots, and grown men want to be in her, period.

Spider Gwen – A XXX Parody

If you’ve seen Spider-Man, then you’ll know all about the love interests that Spidey has gathered over the years. Mary-Jane and Gwen Stacy being the main two that we all remember immediately. It’s the latter who you’ll get to enjoy in this particular parody.

Here’s the story: you’ve been researching the Green Goblin and Spider Gwen shows up. She steals everything you’ve been working on. It upsets you. Not for long, however, because she has more ideas up her sleeve – and in other orifices. 

Black Widow – A XXX Parody

You’ve seen the Avengers and you’ve probably enjoyed Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Natasha throughout the years. If you’re a straight guy or a gay girl, you’ve probably even pictured yourself together with her – Scarlett is a blockbuster on her own, after all. 

In this one, you and her are both tied up and guarded by an agent. As Bruce Banner, your job is to not lose your temper and let the Hulk come out. Natasha has an idea to keep you calm all right!  

Game Of Moans – A XXX Parody

Anyone who has watched Game Of Thrones over the past decade knows all about the no holds barred action that went on. Blood, guts, thunder, betrayal, thrills, and so much more. There was also a touch of action of a sexual nature, to put it lightly. 

A lot of guys around the planet found themselves fantasizing about the Khaleesi. If you want Elsa Jean to sit on more than just the Iron Throne, then Games Of Moans might just be for you. 

Harley’s Fun House – A XXX Parody

If you saw Suicide Squad and decided that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn made you feel some kind of way, then this is your chance to spend a little time with Gotham’s most notorious lady. Harley Quinn is quite clearly a little crazy and she has a wild time in the fun house. 

Sex Files – A XXX Parody

During the 90s, Gillian Anderson became everyone’s favorite as she scoured the planet as an FBI agent. This parody focuses on Agent Scully’s escapes while you watch her do all kinds of fun little experiments. The chances are that you’re going to enjoy this adventure if you spent years craving Dana Scully.  

To Conclude… 

The glorious thing about this VR cosplay work is that there is more than enough to go around. These sexy six are just what we feel is the best around right now. There will be something out there that knocks your socks off, however. It’s a genre that won’t be going away either, so browse through the collection and find the perfect thing for you. There’s no wrong answer here. 

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