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Vmaker: A free screen recorder with unlimited storage and bandwidth

Often you come across tools that claim to be “free” and allow “unlimited” usage, and instantly your mind voice triggers, “there has to be a catch somewhere.” Most of the time your hunch proves right; claiming to be free, and then giving limited access to only a few basic features of the product is a very popular, but dubious technique used by companies to gain attention. However, there are a few pleasurable instances where you’re proved wrong, and in this blog, we will be talking about one of such instances by reviewing a screen recording tool which promises and delivers the best of the features for free.

Introducing Vmaker — What makes them special

Vmaker is an advanced screen recording tool from Animaker, a video marketing company with more than 10 million users globally. Vmaker sets itself apart from the crowd by offering niche features to the users that are available only in the premium plans of other products. This means that you either shell out a bunch of dollars using any other screen recording tool, or you can save all of them by choosing Vmaker instead.

Vmaker has paid a lot of attention in designing the interface of the app — it’s neat, simple and self-explanatory. Even if you’re a novice in screen recording, you will not have a difficult time figuring out where you have to click or what option you have to choose. Besides, if you’re a seasoned video maker, Vmaker has something special for you too.

The underlying mission of Vmaker is not only to help people in making screen recording videos, but also to make their communication more thoughtful and less stressful. With so many of us working remotely, synchronous communication like video conferencing and phone calls have taken the center stage for daily communication.

Initially, this seemed to be a great idea, however, the overindulgence in these tools has given birth to issues like Zoom fatigue. Vmaker encourages users to switch to screen recordings to record their voice, camera and screen at the same time. This way they can have more asynchronous communication and keep online conference calls to very limited.

Truly Unlimited

Vmaker is truly unlimited — there’re no holds barred or disclaimer to stop you from using the features. There are many things about Vmaker which makes it special, but here are the three prominent areas that we will be covering in this blog — Unlimited recording, Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited storage support. Let’s look at all of them in detail.

Unlimited recording

No one likes a “you have reached the maximum limit in free plan” message slammed on their face after 5 minutes of recording. It’s disrespectful, and in all seriousness it cannot be considered free recording. Vmaker has taken care of this because it has no limit on the duration of the video you shoot.

Moreover, with Vmaker, there is no cap on the number of videos you make. So, if you’re an educator and you have to record back-to-back assignments for students of different grades, Vmaker is your best friend. If you’re an Youtuber you can record as many videos for your channel and even upload them directly to YouTube.

What makes this feature even better is that you get different modes for recording the screen — Screen only, Webcam only, Screen and Webcam both. Choose the one that works the best for you like if you have to record a personal message for giving feedback to someone, go for the screen and webcam version.

Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth is a volume of information that you can send to someone within a period of time. When you share a video link with others online, some amount of data is used by that someone when they view the video. This data is consumed from your bandwidth.

There is something that you should know that makes this feature even better. You can record and share your videos with others in HD quality with Vmaker. High resolution videos have greater volume, so naturally they consume more bandwidth, but there is no restriction on that too.

Unlimited storage support

Here comes the last part of the truly unlimited series. Every screen recording video that you record, automatically gets uploaded in your dashboard. This dashboard is maintained on cloud, so this means that your videos don’t consume your laptop storage space. However, for a screen recording tool to be called truly unlimited, there should be no limit on the storage capacity, and as you must have guessed already, Vmaker qualifies here too.

This completes the whole process — record, share and save videos as many and as much as you like. Since we talked about the dashboard, it’s important to mention that you can also create different workspaces for specific projects, and share it with your team-mates.

What are the other features Vmaker has to offer?

At the initial part of this article we mentioned how Vmaker is a special tool, here are its allied features that make it steal.

  • Two versions of Vmaker ~ Mac app and chrome plugin 
  • Unlimited watermark-free recording 
  • Custom recording dimensions
  • Screen annotations and mouse emphasis 
  • Microphone and system audio
  • Noise control
  • Frames and filters for webcam recordings
  • One-click social sharing including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn share
  • Direct YouTube upload
  • Custom Branding 
  • Custom domain name
  • Automatic recording scheduler 
  • Auto expiry of videos 

How to record video on Vmaker?

After such a detailed summary of Vmaker, you must be curious about learning how to record a video on Vmaker. So, here’s a link to a video that gives a detailed walkthrough.


Vmaker is not here to make exaggerated claims or overpromise and under deliver. It’s a truly unlimited tool that has an awesome mix of features that will help many people to make their communication better, personal, and more thoughtful. It’s free and will always remain free. If you liked what you read and watched here, Sign up today.

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