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Virtual backgrounds have become part and parcel of video production. Here's how you can record your own.

How to Record a Video with Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds have become part and parcel of video production. No wonder both Hollywood studios and casual users resort to the use of this innovative tool. With the advancement of AR technology, background swaps have become increasingly accessible to the masses. However, the number of mobile video editing apps that currently offer this feature is pretty small. Still, it is more prevalent in computer-based apps, and even the world-famous Filmora recommends using its Windows application for background replacement.

But still, there are some mobile apps that either let their users record video background in real time with no green screen required or offer such a possibility during the post-production stage.

With Roland’s Virtual Stage Camera, you can feel like a real star from the comfort of your couch! Use the content from your device to change the background of your videos in real time or create greenscreen videos here and now to replace the background with anything you like later. The app is available for free download both on the App Store and Google Play and offers paid and free versions. However, the latter allows you to capture videos with a maximum length of 30 seconds. If you need to access some advanced features, the paid version is at your disposal.

All in all, Virtual Stage Camera has the power to turn the whole world into your personal stage and take your video production to a qualitatively new level.

Covideo is said to be one of the best video messaging tools for brands and companies. With this app, recording videos is a child’s play, while their sharing is smooth and easy. As for the background replacement feature, its users can record real-time videos with either ready-made or custom images in the background, which completely eliminates the need for a physical green screen. The app is available for iOS and Android and has a web version too.

Hippo Video offers a convenient solution for creating videos on-the-go with their mobile app and Chrome extension. Users can easily replace the background of their videos immediately after the recording process is complete. Additionally, the app also allows users to add a virtual background to the previously recorded videos. So, Hippo Video is a real boon for those willing to add a virtual background to their videos.

As you see, the number of worthy mobile apps with a possibility to record videos with virtual backgrounds is not so big. So, you may start thinking about developing your own mobile app that will become the king of App Store and Google Play.

How to Create a Mobile App With Virtual Backgrounds

On the whole, there are two options here. The first one is when you decide to build your app from scratch, hire a team of professionals, and control all the process. However, this may be a pretty laborious and time-consuming process. The second option is to address off-the-shelf solutions, like a Video Editor SDK, which can help streamline and simplify the development process. An SDK, or software development kit, is a set of pre-built functions and codes that can be used by dev teams to develop their apps without the need to write codes from scratch. A Video Editor SDK can perform specific tasks such as recording video, replacing a green screen, adding virtual backgrounds, and much more. It is intended to be easily integrated into your app projects to make the development process faster, simpler, and more efficient.

As for the SDKs available on the market, we can’t but mention Banuba’s Video Editor SDK, but it has some other pre-made software too.

The Banuba company is a top player in the fields of AR (augmented reality) and background segmentation. Its SDKs are definitely the perfect choice for your app, as it offers the following features:

  • Quick and easy integration, taking less than a week to set up.
  • Real-time and post-processing background replacement for videos.
  • A wide range of video effects and filters, like face AR masks, virtual makeup, color filters, transition effects, recording effects, etc.
  • A vast asset store with over 1000 effects to choose from.
  • A web studio to create custom filters tailored to your specific needs.
  • A comprehensive set of key video editing features such as trimming, cropping, music editing, and so on.
  • Full customization so that you can tailor functionality to your needs.
  • Audio features which allow you to integrate your app with any audio API per your choice, giving your users total freedom with music. 
  • Support for the most popular cross-platform mobile frameworks like React Native, native Script, and Flutter.

So, if you strive to create your own app with the virtual background function, feel free to choose Banuba’s SDKs as your main comrade in arms. Together with the company, you can be 100% sure that the app will be a success! 

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