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TU experts announced the list of largest Forex brokers for 2023

TU experts announced the list of largest Forex brokers for 2023

The ever-expanding world of Forex trading offers countless opportunities for profit, but selecting the right broker is a critical factor in a trader’s success. With many options, making the right choice can be daunting, especially for those new to the market. 

To assist traders in navigating this complex landscape, TU experts have meticulously compiled a comprehensive list of the largest Forex brokers. By examining essential factors such as trading volume, liquidity, and customer support, this in-depth analysis sheds light on the best options available, empowering traders to make informed decisions and optimize their trading experience.

How to know if a Forex broker is legit?

Traders Union experts emphasize the importance of verifying a broker’s legitimacy by examining the following criteria:

  • Licensing and regulation: A legitimate broker should be licensed and regulated by reputable regulatory bodies such as the FCA, ASIC, or CySEC. These organizations ensure the broker adheres to industry standards and practices;
  • Trading platform security: Evaluate the broker’s security measures, including encryption, secure sockets layer (SSL) technology, and two-factor authentication to protect your personal and financial data;
  • Transparency: Reputable brokers provide clear and comprehensive information about their fees, trading conditions, and potential conflicts of interest;
  • Reputation: Investigate the broker’s credibility by researching online reviews, testimonials, and expert opinions. A positive reputation is often indicative of a trustworthy broker;
  • Customer support: Assess the broker’s customer service by evaluating their responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to address your concerns.

Top largest Forex brokers

After meticulous research and analysis, Traders Union experts have compiled a list of the following top largest Forex brokers based on their impressive daily trading volumes:

IC Markets

With a staggering average daily trading volume of $22.68 billion, IC Markets is known for its low spreads, ultra-fast order execution, and diverse tradable assets. Regulated by ASIC, CySEC, FSA, and SCB, this broker ensures a secure trading environment and offers extensive educational resources to support traders of all skill levels.

As one of the largest Forex brokers worldwide, boasts an average daily trading volume of $18.6 billion. They provide a comprehensive trading platform with competitive pricing, advanced charting tools, and excellent customer support. Their global presence and strong regulatory framework ensure a secure and reliable trading experience.


With an average daily trading volume of $16.08 billion, XM excels in offering exceptional educational resources, a user-friendly trading platform, and a wide variety of account types catering to different trading preferences. Holding multiple regulatory licenses, XM provides a safe and transparent trading environment.

Saxo Bank

Catering to experienced traders, Saxo Bank has an average daily trading volume of $14.76 billion. They offer a sophisticated trading platform, access to a vast array of markets, and a robust regulatory framework under the Danish FSA. Additionally, their competitive pricing and research tools make them an attractive choice for traders.

HF Markets

Also known as HotForex, HF Markets has an average daily trading volume of $13.8 billion. This broker provides traders with a secure trading environment, competitive spreads, and various account types to suit different trading styles. They are regulated by multiple authorities, including FCA, Dubai FSA, FSCA (South Africa), FSA (Seychelles), and CMA (Kenya), ensuring a high level of security and reliability.

In the list of the 15 biggest Forex brokers, Traders Union has also included AvaTrade. This broker stands out with its extensive range of trading instruments and platforms, catering to traders with diverse preferences. To learn more about this broker, read the in-depth AvaTrade review on the Traders Union website.

Readers can visit the Traders Union website for an even more in-depth understanding of these top Forex brokers and others. With extensive reviews, expert insights, and helpful resources, the Traders Union empowers you to make the best choices for your trading needs, ensuring a secure and profitable experience in the dynamic world of Forex trading.

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