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Traders Union Experts listed the best welcome bonus brokers

Bonuses are one of the fastest ways to earn extra money. One of the fastest ways to earn free money in trading is through bonuses. One of various types of bonuses is welcome bonuses. Some brokers offer a no deposit bonus, others require a deposit. In their article TU experts explained everything about Forex bonuses. Moreover, they listed top 10 welcome bonus brokers

What is a Forex welcome bonus?

A Forex welcome bonus, also known as a Forex deposit bonus or a Forex sign-up bonus, is a promotional offer provided by Forex brokers to attract new clients. It is typically offered to traders who open a new trading account and make an initial deposit.

The bonus is usually a certain percentage of the deposit made by a trader. For example, a broker may offer a 100% welcome bonus on the deposit, which means if you deposit $1,000, you will receive an additional $1,000 as a bonus.

Forex welcome bonuses come with specific terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to receive and withdraw the bonus. These conditions often include minimum deposit requirements, trading volume requirements, and a specified time period within which the bonus must be used.

Many brokers require traders to reach a certain trading volume, also known as a lot requirement, before they can withdraw the bonus. The lot requirement is typically stated as a multiple of the bonus amount. For example, if the bonus amount is $500 and the lot requirement is 10 lots, you would need to trade a total volume of 100 standard lots (10 x $500) before the bonus can be withdrawn.

The bonus amount itself is usually not available for immediate withdrawal. Traders are generally required to meet certain conditions, such as completing the trading volume requirement or reaching a specified profit level, before they can withdraw the bonus funds.

How to choose the best Forex welcome bonus

When choosing the best Forex welcome bonus, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the bonus meets your trading needs and aligns with your overall trading strategy. Here are some key considerations to help you choose the best Forex welcome bonus:

  • Terms and conditions. Understand the terms and conditions related to the welcome bonus. Pay attention to the minimum deposit requirement, trading volume requirement, eligible trading instruments, withdrawal restrictions, and any other conditions that must be met to receive and withdraw the bonus. Ensure that the terms are reasonable and feasible for your trading style and preferences.
  • Bonus amount and percentage. Consider the bonus amount and the percentage offered by the broker. While a higher bonus amount may seem appealing, be cautious of excessively high bonus percentages, as they may come with stricter trading volume requirements or other limitations. Evaluate whether the bonus amount and percentage are reasonable and suitable for your trading needs.
  • Trading volume requirement. Assess the trading volume requirement needed to withdraw the bonus. Determine if the required trading volume is attainable based on your trading strategy and timeframe. Be aware that higher trading volume requirements may require more time and effort to fulfill.
  • Regulation and broker reputation. Verify that the broker offering the welcome bonus is reputable and regulated by a recognized financial authority. A regulated broker provides an added layer of security and ensures that the broker operates within certain standards and guidelines.
  • Account verification process. Understand the account verification process required by the broker. Ensure that the process is straightforward and doesn’t cause unnecessary delays in accessing the bonus or other trading features.
  • Consider the overall broker offering. Look beyond just the welcome bonus and consider the overall offering of the broker. Evaluate factors such as trading conditions, spreads, customer support, trading platforms, educational resources, and additional promotions or benefits offered by the broker.


Choosing the best Forex welcome bonus can be challenging. However, by carefully assessing several factors, you can select the best Forex welcome bonus that aligns with your trading goals, preferences, and risk tolerance. Remember to prioritize the overall quality and reputation of the broker, as well as the suitability of their trading conditions, alongside the bonus offering. On their website TU experts listed five brokers with the best Forex welcome bonuses.

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