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Instagram is an incredibly useful tool for branding and business. Here are some tips and tricks to consider using in 2021.

Top 7 Personal Branding Tips for Influencers

Research indicates that in the past decade, interest in personal branding has been on the rise. Yes, social media may be a new vehicle to achieve this – but there are numerous personal and conventional ways which support personal branding. 

When sharing content on social media, the users or influencers are able to build and create an online persona which mirrors their skills, uniqueness and values. Whether this content is shared rarely, or quite regularly, it assists in forming a personal brand. 

Influencers should take building a personal brand seriously, as a well constructed brand could lead to them gaining thousands of followers, brand deals and even job opportunities. 

What is a personal brand?

Influencers have a personal brand which they convey to their fans and collaborators. A personal brand consists of their physical appearance, as well as the values, abilities, and actions that people will associate with them. 

This aspect of their identity is able to be formed and edited to alter the way others perceive them. By doing this, influencers are able to create the perception they would like to convey in order to gain more followers and create opportunities for themselves. To do this, influencers should take note of the following seven personal branding tips:

Find your niche

At this point, social media has become so saturated that it has become hard to find a gap in the market. To do so, influencers should zone in on their skills and identify what makes them unique. By doing so, they would be able to focus on their skills and uniqueness to set themselves apart from the herd. 

Create a brand persona

Brand personas can be built upon the identified skills and uniqueness. This persona will be used to convey the influencer’s personality across their social media platforms. Brand personas offer little to no assistance regarding professional work, but it does show that the influencer is a real person with their own values and opinions. This assists in building their personal brand. 

Create a good first impression

Some people say that the first thing people notice in a person is their smile. To convey a long lasting, good impression, influencers may benefit from a would need a white, straight smile. Fortunately, this is easier than ever due to innovations in the dental industry that are covered in depth by For influencers interested in gaining white teeth, or even straighter teeth, they should explore Smile Prep. 

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Create a bio

A bio will be used on display on the influencers’ site or social media platform to convey a short description of themselves, their cause and/or their work. It does not have to be intricate or long winded, a few sentences will suffice. A well constructed bio should contain what the influencer specializes in, their interests, and what makes them unique. 

Google yourself

To have brand awareness, influencers should regularly google themselves. This would offer insight into what fans and collaborators see when they look them up online. Once this has been done, influencers would be able to assess the search results. 

This would offer them the opportunity to form a plan to increase their visibility, and to determine where they would have to focus more of their attention. This would serve to gain the attention of their fans and greater audiences. 

Share content consistently

Sharing content gains engagement. Many influencers make the mistake of posting too often, assuming this would show an increase in engagement. 

Posting too often can actually lead to a loss in engagement and followers seeing that it may be perceived as annoying. Influencers should aim to post 3-5 times weekly. For those on social media platforms with stories, such as Instagram and Facebook, they should aim to update their stories daily. 

Maintain positivity

Unless the influencer has based their profiles on activism, they should aim to remain positive on social media. By doing this, they would be able to build a good social impression of their brand and would leave positive, lasting perceptions of themselves. Tips to remain positive is to avoid inflammatory religious or racial comments, and to carefully word their opinions when voicing political commentary.

The bottom line 

Forming and cultivating a personal brand across social media platforms is not an easy feat, but it is doable. Aspiring influencers have to be prepared to do extensive research into themselves to identify what can be used to build a successful brand. 

The most important aspects of building a personal brand is being unique, being able to present yourself well and sharing content regularly. If this is done, influencers would have set themselves up for success in any ventures they pursue. 

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