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The Joan 6 Pro Wins Esteemed German Design Award

Through the 10-year journey of the German Design Awards, the German Design Council bestows awards for groundbreaking designs based on sustainable transformation. Pioneering products and projects have the opportunity to shine in several categories. The main ones are “Excellent Architecture,” “Excellent Communication Design,” and “Excellent Product Design.”

The international jury from several renowned companies looks for design elements that meet today’s challenges. Besides the glittering setting and events where organizers, participants, and the jury can mingle and admire the innovative entries, the awards also honor one personality annually for their life’s work and present an award for a talented newcomer.

After winning several other notable awards this year, the Joan 6 Pro meeting room scheduler excelled once more by winning the esteemed German Design Award 2023. Thanks to its numerous groundbreaking features, the Joan 6 Pro has captured the attention of design specialists globally.

Joan 6 Pro’s Award-Winning Features

Its developers used their innovative thinking to design the Joan 6 Pro to meet the everyday challenges of today’s ever-evolving workspaces. The Joan 6 Pro has all the features to help maintain a frictionless work environment in a beautifully designed and sustainable package. This attention to detail caught the eye of the jury at the German Design Awards 2023.

Its range of award-winning features includes its minimalist design made from only sustainable materials that require minimal water during manufacturing and have a non-polluting effect on the environment. All the meeting room scheduler needs to run for about six months is a single battery charge, thanks to its e-ink technology. That means it uses 99% less energy than an LCD screen. In addition, this impressive minimal carbon footprint impressed the jury.

The sophisticated design makes it an attractive feature for any office, particularly since it needs no wiring. Furthermore, organizations don’t require additional software to deploy the units of the Joan 6 Pro. Instead, once they receive these, they need just a few minutes to connect them to their company calendar and set them up.

However, the smart magnet is the top feature of the Joan 6 Pro. It is a smart installation that carries all the information about each meeting room. Once a Joan 6 Pro unit is attached to the magnet, it displays all the information required.

Companies can also have constant power and ethernet connection through the PoE wall mount. With this fully wired option, they can also see the display of the occupancy status of a room. For example, orange indicates an upcoming meeting, red a full meeting room, and green a free one.

The Joan 6 Pro creates an organized and efficient work environment with one web portal that allows customization, workplace insights, and automatic calendar integration.

Commitment to Innovation

Visionect, the company behind the brand Joan, has come to be associated with creating innovative office solutions for big and small companies in several industries for over a decade. Their successful and well-awarded Joan 6 Pro manages to capture all the requirements of the modern workspace that is ever-changing and more flexible than ever before.

“As 2022 comes to a close, we feel honored to accept yet another prestigious award for the Joan 6 Pro,” says Rok Zalar, co-founder of Visionect. “The German Design Awards require a high level of competence that meets the needs of demanding consumers,” says Zalar, “and our cutting-edge innovations in delivering information within the workspace have caught their attention.”

The Joan 6 Pro recently won two Gold Awards at the New York Design Awards. It was also a winner at the iF Design Award, a Red Dot Winner, and a TechRadar Pro Picks winner in an impressive year for the office booking device.

The Joan 6 Pro room scheduler creates an organized work environment that is more responsive to changes. For example, each 6-inch touch-display screen makes it easy for employees to glance at all the information about a meeting room, making it easier to schedule meetings and reserve rooms.

Final Take

With its exceptional features and outstanding design, the Joan 6 Pro has continued to excel in design awards. Its latest win at the German Design Awards 2023 further confirms how it has managed to meet the demands of organizations by offering them more flexibility for their collaborative workspaces. 

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