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The Complete Toolkit in the Gem Space Superapp

Deciding to switch to a new platform can be challenging due to old habits. However, there’s an understanding that technology evolves, and using a single superapp is significantly more convenient than juggling multiple separate apps.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your business processes to Gem Space.

Define Goals and Objectives

First, let’s define the goals and outcomes you aim to achieve by moving to the superapp. For instance, you might currently need to improve communication between departments, organize regular online meetings, and ensure control over task execution.

You might also want to conveniently store a wealth of work-related information, create group chats, organize communities for key departments, and include not just employees but also new clients and partners in online meetings, even those not registered on Gem Space.

These usually represent the basic needs of clients moving their business to Gem Space. We’ll discuss the essential tools and where to start.

Create a Space

First and foremost, create a unified space for your company, called Spaces. It’s akin to social media communities and your virtual office: name it after your company, and add corporate graphics to the design.

Within this Space, you can:

– Create individual and group chats to communicate with colleagues one-on-one or with an entire department.

– Use collections, for example, to store documentation.

– Establish thematic channels, such as one for a joint task or activity, whether it’s a report or a corporate event.

Once the Space is created, add all participants and create the necessary chats. For example, you can create a general chat for all participants and separate group chats with colleagues by departments — lawyers, salespeople, or designers.

Here, you can also create chats with key figures in the business process. For user communication in Gem Space, all necessary services are available — messages, calls, and even free voice message transcription.

Collections can be created in Space with information that will be needed in the workflow. Collections are convenient folders for sorting and combining information. They can be divided by topics, titled, and designed. With their help, it’s easy to search for information and save content with links to sources.

After the main preparation is complete, prepare an onboarding sequence with your HR department and department heads: send the first messages to colleagues explaining the new work processes and move on to the next step.

Run a Channel in Your Space

Gem Space has an internal blog platform. There, you can follow channels from numerous authors, as well as create your own blogs.

In your Space, you can add only those channels that you manage yourself. Create a channel where you will post the main information for the users of your community — for example, you can create a news feed with the most important events: corporate and general news, significant updates on business processes, and any other information that can’t be missed. This channel can be referenced both within and outside of Space.

Organize a Video Conference

With the main organizational work behind you, you can now move directly to the first events. Since moving most meetings online was among the planned tasks, you can organize a general introductory video conference.

Coordinate the time with all participants of the event, create a call, and add users. The conference can include not just contacts from your phone book registered in the superapp, but also guests — freelancers, contractors, external consultants, or even key clients.

They can be added to the conversation via an invitation link, which needs to be activated in a browser on any device — computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Up to 1,000 people can participate in conferences in Gem Space simultaneously: all calls in the app can be recorded, they are free and have no time limits.

Write Articles in the Built-In Editor

For the channel and the work process as a whole, it’s necessary to create content and write articles. The built-in editor can help do this competently and beautifully.

Here, you can check and edit text, format headings, add images, save drafts, and publish records at a scheduled time using the delayed publication service.

The built-in chatbot, GemAIBot, can help a lot with writing and creating beautiful illustrations: it can process requests to the ChatGPT neural network. The bot can help create your own sticker pack, make graphics and business card designs, help assemble an email newsletter, and much more.

Try moving your virtual office to Gem Space: choose the key features needed for work, plan, meet, discuss, and develop your business without leaving a single app.

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