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The best online casino is known for giving out health bonuses to players. Find out whether a 10 Euro Bonus is a lot here.

10 Euro Bonus in an online casino: is it a lot or not?

Many online casinos offer their customers 10 euro bonuses. From this article, you will get to know how to use such promotions.

When you register at an online casino, it might offer you a 10 euro bonus. You will have a right to either accept or decline it. Your decision should depend on the terms and conditions of the offer. From this article, you will get to know all the necessary information about this type of promotion.

What Is a 10 Euro Bonus

This term can denote two types of bonuses.

  1. You top up your deposit with at least 10 euros and get a prize. This is a deposit bonus.
  2. You get 10 euros as a prize for the mere fact of registration. This is a no-deposit bonus.

If you are planning to use some other currency for gambling, you will need to calculate the necessary amount, relying on the current exchange rate. On many platforms, cryptocurrencies might be not compatible with bonuses. Also, some payment methods might be exempt from the welcome offer.

No-deposit bonuses are rare. You might get them as a part of the welcome package or for your birthday. Most bonuses involve depositing. In some casinos, you can use different deposit bonuses every day. But if we talk about the welcome offer, each individual has a right to use it strictly once — regardless of whether it is a deposit or no-deposit promotion.

10 Euro: Is It a Lot or Not?

If 10 euros is the sum of the reward, it is one of the smallest possible prizes. If you need to top up your balance with at least 10 euro, it is one of the lowest entry limits.

Quite often, the welcome bonus doubles the sum on the client’s account. For instance, you top up your balance with 100 euros and get 100 euros as a bonus. In total, you have 200 euros that you can spend on games. If you top up your balance with 10 euros, you will get 20 euros in total, which is not too impressive.

On the flipside, welcome bonuses might feature high wagers. If you get 100 euros as a bonus and need to wager it with an x50 coefficient, it might be wiser to reject the gift. The biggest bonuses are not always the most profitable ones.

Is the Welcome Package the Only Way to Get a 10 Euro Bonus?

No, it is not. You cannot get the welcome gift twice — but you can use other promotions that feature an identical sum. These are just a few examples of such promotions.

  • Birthday bonus. When filling in your profile, you need to indicate your date of birth. Then, you should confirm this data with copies of your private documents, according to KYC standards. The administration will know about your birthday and will send you a promo code in an SMS or by email. On some platforms, clients need to remind the moderators about their birthdays around 1 week in advance.
  • Match bonus. You top up your balance with a certain sum on a certain day of the week through a certain payment system and get extra 10 euros on your gambling balance.
  • The reward for installing the casino mobile app. Some platforms encourage their users to gamble from their smartphones and pay them for downloading their apps. Clients should spend these funds on games.
  • Cashback. You might get back a certain ratio of what you spent or lost in certain games over a certain period. For instance, every Monday, you can get a cashback for playing slots or live casino games last week. However, 10 euros might be too small an amount for such an offer. Casinos encourage their customers to spend more money. This is why the minimum limit for cashback might start, for instance, with 50 euros.
  • Referral program. Many online casinos reward their customers for inviting new clients to the project. You should go to your user profile and generate a unique invitation link. On some platforms, you might need to ask the support team to generate this link for you. You can send this link to your friends, colleagues and family members in private messages. You can share it on social networks and on profile forums. When someone registers in the casino using your link, you will get a reward. Most likely, you will not be able to withdraw this money and will need to spend it on stakes.

If the casino hosts tournaments, you might get 10 euros as a prize. That would not be a large prize: normally, the winners of tournaments get hundreds of euros. To get a cash prize, you need to play certain games over a certain period and accumulate as many scores as you can.

10 euros is not the biggest bonus that you can get in an online casino. But if the platform offers it to you, use it!

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