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Reddit is an online forum with niche subforums called subreddits. Click into the rabbit hole with us and explore the very best subreddits.

Looking for the best subreddits? These are the ones to follow

If you’re tired of checking the same old sites, why not change it up and add some new URLs to your bookmarks? For those who haven’t heard of Reddit, it’s a site that aggregates news, gifs, memes, discussions, and endless other subjects so you can procrastinate while you’re at work. 

Reddit is divided into subreddits that focus on specific niche topics. Here are some of the best subreddits we’ve found.

Entitled parents have their own subreddit

Have you ever run into an entitled parent and had a story to share about it? There’s a subreddit for that! r/entitledparents is dedicated to good stories from encounters with bad people. Some of the titles are priceless, like this one: EM got mad at me and other students for being allergic to cats. EM is short for entitled mom and in the story the mom gets kicked off school property for making her child bring a cat to school.

The entitled parents subreddit also has its own meme subreddit called /r/entitledparentsmemes. This subreddit doesn’t have lengthy descriptions of incidents between entitled parents and the general public, but it does include some fresh memes that most of us can relate to. You can also find a healthy variety of Karen memes on /r/karenmemes/. You’re welcome. 

Revenge is sweet on Reddit

r/ProRevenge is another great subreddit with awfully good stories. The subreddit is a place to share your best revenge stories. The stories range from school pranks to family feuds. Some of the stories are long and detailed, but you can find some great gems that are short and hilarious.  

One story on the r/ProRevenge subreddit describes a worker who was treated badly by a boss that didn’t want him going to another company, so he kept moving his tolls to different worksites. After the worker got a huge contract, he hired all the people that worked for his former boss and asked them to grab his tools before they left, leaving the boss with no one to work for him. 

Reddit helps you know if you’re wrong

Another helpful subreddit is /r/AmItheAsshole/. /r/AmItheAsshole/gives you a chance to see whether people think you’re right or wrong about an argument. When you’re in the heat of the moment it’s hard to know if you’re actually right or wrong, so why not let a bunch of strangers on the internet help you figure it out. There’s over 2.2 million members, so you’re bound to get lots of opinions.

One Redditor asks if they’re the a$$hole for getting upset that her husband talked about god to their child behind their back. The Redditor who posted is an Atheist and her husband is a Christian. The consensus was mixed, but once a unanimous decision is made, the post gets flagged with flair that tells you if the person who posted was the A-hole or not.

Subreddits have rules

The /r/AmItheAsshole/ subreddit does have rules people need to follow. You need to be civil, follow voting rules, accept whatever judgement is made, not delete an active discussion, not threaten anyone with violence, and not specifically ask for advice. There’s also a restriction against revenge stories or asking about relationships. In general, the subreddit is there to have fun and share stories that might be helpful. 

Of course, these aren’t all the subreddits that you can find, but it’s a good start if you want to kill an afternoon. There are over 1.2 million different subreddits, so you’re bound to find something interesting eventually. Just don’t blame us if you can’t get things done at work anymore. 

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