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Spectacle: The Unforgettable Flash Mob Photoshoot YouTube Show That Will Leave You Spellbound 

This show on YouTube has reached a whole new level of “WOW” with pop up photoshoots. With weeks and sometimes months of planning that goes into every detail of these shoots, it is only obvious to expect a miracle like “Spectacle” to happen. The “Spectacle” is a pop up photoshoot show that tells a story, inspires people, and sets new trends in photography with every episode. “Spectacle” is a passion and a constant project of the Bozanich Photography Collaborative that never fails to mesmerize viewers.

Kristina Bozanich, a professional photographer, is the driving force behind this. Her creativity truly comes to life on screen. When she gets an idea for an episode, that’s when the real work begins. She starts the process of visualizing the art and shoot, planning the scenery, any props necessary, models, any permits needed etc. This is vital, especially when working in public spaces and with equipment such as drone cameras. The mission is to always bring a fresh perspective and push the envelope with “Spectacle” in order to bring joy and entertainment to its viewers. 

Every time an idea is brought to life it’s magical. In the latest project, Spectacle tells the story of a 17-year-old high school student who was battling Synovial Sarcoma, a very rare cancer. The cover was unveiled at the photography studio’s grand opening event and soon became an unforgettable day. The unveiling was a surprise to the student, who got to share her story and touch the hearts of the audience. The Spectacle did not end there though. Shocking the audience, a vintage car and a male model dressed in steampunk fashion pulled up for a live photo shoot. The audience was in awe and full of excitement. 

Needless to say, “Spectacle,” as a passion project of this team, has lived up to its name. Every month, the team surprises the viewers with a new theme or concept that is produced in front of spectators. So far, Bozanich Photography Collaborative has worked on a variety of subjects, ranging from Ghostbusters appearing in the town center, using pedestrian crosswalks as a runway for a model’s lift in front of a Lamborghini, to an over the top “Dad-Bod” boudoir shoot. Continuing the legacy of Bozanich Photography Collaborative, “Spectacle” as a show not only entertains but inspires those who watch it. 

Through “Spectacle,” the team intends “to share stories, touch the hearts of everyone who watches, and give purpose to creativity.” “Spectacle” is not just photography but an art form that captures authentic moments, making ordinary views extraordinary. It is also a medium for the photographers to Pop up photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment space, especially in showbiz. However, “Spectacle” stands apart from others in the field in its concept, goals, and team spirit. 

“Spectacle” is already earning positive attention from photographers and people who genuinely admire photography as an art. Considering the progress of this project so far, Kristina and the team at Bozanich Photography Collaborative envision SPECTACLE on the big screen in the coming years. According to them, “Spectacle” is “as charming as Netflix’s Queer Eye and yet as magically comedic as Magic for Humans.”

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