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Why social proof is critical while selling products on Instagram

No one can dismiss the power of the social media giant-the Instagram! The traffic it drives every day is a monumental validation of the fact that it wields a large share of interest among its peers when every post have huge amount of Instagram followers and likes. However, it also brings the question of how much potential the platform holds if it is tapped the right way. This consideration alone has brought small and big entrepreneurs to extend their presence to the digital world without fail. But not everyone is experiencing the same boon. Though the niche market and product quality do have a fair share of roles in success, the marketing strategies cannot be downplayed, especially when you have a large local competition!

The perks of digital marketing

Digital marketing forms the basis of promotional activities. Marketing helps you seek attention and put the spotlight on your brand among the sea of brands from a similar niche.

The marketing tips are unending; from the way you arrange your profile to the content you create, the marketing activity can be influenced even by the time you choose to drop the content! But even from the plethora of marketing strategies, one thing that stands apart is the social proof! 

Social proof- the critical marketing strategy!

Social proof essentially refers to people’s behaviour wherein they assume the validation given by a third-party (often influential figures) to be the norm. This has been exploited many times over the years with many tried and tested models. This idea has seen a revival with the media shifting to the reel world. From celebrities to influencers, social proof has played a pivotal role in swaying public opinion. 

Though it would be unlikely that you have not yet experienced the same in any form, but drawing examples helps you relate more to it. If you are out to buy any product, you go around asking for reviews. The testimonials further help you resonate with the plans. Though you have no idea who is on the other side of the screen on whether or not there is an actual person associated with it, the words of review make us feel assured in our buying choices. 

Now draw a bigger picture. What if some influential person who can draw a lot of strings does the same for your brand/ product! The turnover would be huge! Not only the brand and its product range are catapulted into the mainstream page of the influencer’s followers, but it also has validation from a person whom they trust. This is why celebrities and influencers charge a whopping sum for each social proof they leave behind, be it in the form of posts, story or even reels!

Careful planning of social proof will help you draw in followers based on various ideas. If planned strategically, it can turn in customers leveraging on emotional, political, or even ideologies. The key is to find the right trigger common to the large percentage of your followers and cash on it at the right time! 

Thus, it is no brainer why a lot of people employ social proof on their pages. For example, if you are running an Instagram page, make sure you pin them on the highlights right in front so that people can refer them. Alternatively, if you have a website, tape a few social proofs on the landing page to see a huge difference in the turnover. 

How to use Instagram flowers as social proof!

Instagram rides on numbers. Hence, there is no better social proof than the staggering numbers that glow on your Instagram handle. However, the large Instagram following sure has its benefit. It adds not just to the brand’s face value but also helps bring in credibility and trust.

The followers are validation for your work. If you own a brand of, say, a clothing line, the large follower indicates how good your service is. Be it in terms of clothing, styles, quality, affordability, and customer service. Therefore, it is no surprise that people often look for the number of followers before following or checking out the products. A large follower number on your page acts as an assurance that your products have been vouched by that many people and hence, hold some value!

How to use the buying services to your aid!

Amassing followers is easier said than done. It takes years of patient hard work to build the follower numbers to a figure that can command attention from the public. Ask anyone who has tasted success, they had to spend hours working behind the scenes to get wherever they are today. But, with alternatives at hand, it would be double work if you choose to ignore the smart work available. 

The buying services allow you to replicate the image of an actual customer base. Additionally, they also help you increase your organic following list by the snowball effect, wherein two brings four and four brings eight. Thus, setting off an exponential cycle. 

All this adds to increasing your numbers on the page. And larger the numbers, the better the effect! The organic followers hence gained further helps in spreading the social proof with shares, likes, and comments.

However, care must be taken to buy the followers from trusted websites. Trusted websites gives you a reasonably good quality follower list that has high retention value. Only these followers can bring in the actual benefit. Sometimes, the service centres also allow you to obtain customers based on the niche that you are looking for. This enhances your follower quality and also increases their credibility as social proof!


Summing up, building your social proof is an essential strategy for your online business. The social proofs help you draw in customers and validate their will to turn the traffic into sales. On the Instagram page, there is nothing more significant than the numbers that play an equivalent role. If you don’t have numbers to support your journey today, then make avail of the buying services to get your follower numbers worth noticing today!

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