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3 Easy Ways To Turn Your Social Media Feed Aesthetically Pleasing

You probably have heard the popular saying that“First Impression Is the Last Impression,” right? 

You go out and interact with new people, and if the first interaction goes well, you plan to meet again. However, meeting them again is out of the list if the first impression is not up to par. This scenario works the same for your social media accounts. 

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn are now used to create superior first impressions. 

When a social media post is eye-catching, people are likely to visit the account for more content. And if the account’s aesthetics suit their style, they’ll hit the “follow” button. 

Now the burning question is- How can you turn your social media feed aesthetically pleasing?

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  • Understand Your Taste

Before you begin posting, you need to understand your aesthetics and style. You can get some inspiration from the internet or Pinterest; however, the design you choose must complement your taste. 

To discover your style, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does your favorite feed look like?
  • Do you prefer a particular pattern or mood board for your grid?
  • What is the purpose or ideology behind your social media posts? 

Answers to these questions will help you determine your aesthetics and draft a plan (including the frequency of the posts.) 

  • Edit Your Photo For Visual Appeal

In the earlier days of social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, people used the platform to share their thoughts and a glimpse of their life. The photographs shared were raw and even pixelated. 

Things have changed tremendously now. With over a billion people having their accounts on social media, users focus on the visual appeal and quality of their accounts to gain more followers. This also adds value to the feed’s aesthetics. 

For this reason, editing the photographs before posting them is recommended. You may remove the background from image or use a template or particular filter to match the theme of your grid. Editing will give your pictures a professional look and turn your profile no less than that of an influencer. 

  1. Remember To Create A Balance

To create a balance means that your grid must not look too simple or cluttered. If it’s basic and offers nothing new or exciting to the viewer, the probability of them interacting with you will be pretty low. Likewise, if the feed is cluttered, they will just scroll past. 

You’d need to create a depth in the feed for the profile visitors to tap on the picture or video and interact with you. For instance, if you follow a polaroid theme, you can mix black and white polaroid templates to add a unique appeal. You can also use the story highlights to help people get to know you. 

Wrapping It All Up

Creating an aesthetically pleasing social media feed is actually pretty easy. Once you have understood your taste and style, it’s simply about editing and posting. The key here is to be authentic about your style and follow your heart! 

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