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The nude truth: Is Kylie Jenner finally admitting she surged her whole face?

Ever wonder how those recent stunning photos on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed come to be? More importantly, does that mean there are any nude photos to speak of? Let’s dive into the nude truth of the matter and see what we can find.

The Power of Influence

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, the vibrant twenty-five-year-old beauty entrepreneur, discussed candidly with her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian, about their influence on today’s beauty standards. This conversation prompted Kylie to question the implications of the power they wield, especially in light of the rampant photo editing she noticed amongst young girls on the internet.

In a surprising revelation, Kylie admitted she no longer edits her Instagram photos, a practice she confessed to engaging in earlier. “I went through that stage too,” she said, reflecting on how her journey has led her to a healthier relationship with her self-image, despite the insecurities others may try to instill.

Opening up further, Kylie clarified that while occasional insecurities are natural, she had always held a strong sense of self-love. Her confidence, she noted, remained unshaken, contradicting the popular narrative of her as an insecure child who underwent numerous surgeries to transform her appearance. “I’ve only gotten fillers and I don’t want that to be part of my story,” Kylie asserted.

Resilience Amidst Criticism

Navigating the minefield of social media criticism has been a challenge, Kylie admitted. Despite facing an onslaught of negativity and rumors, she feels she has grown stronger and more resilient, becoming progressively numb to the disparagement.

Kylie’s sisters too, were not spared from sharing their insecurities. Khloé expressed that her own insecurities had been fueled by societal standards and online trolls, admitting that the cruel comments have persisted, regardless of how her looks have changed over time.

She further discussed an old photo of herself, humorously suggesting she looked as though she was “wearing a fat suit.” Khloé even mentioned that her decision to get a nose job was influenced by remarks from their mother, Kris Jenner. Kylie chimed in, recalling how familial teasing over her ears made her self-conscious about them.

It was her daughter, Stormi, who helped Kylie grow to love her ears. Seeing Stormi with her ears made Kylie realize how beautiful they were and allowed her to appreciate this feature she once was insecure about.

Lessons for the Future Generation

Amidst a culture “obsessed with perfection,” forty-four-year-old Kourtney voiced her desire to allow her children the freedom to express themselves without the burden of striving for flawlessness. A sentiment that resonated deeply with both her sisters.

Despite this newfound perspective on photo editing and its impact on beauty standards, the Kardashian-Jenner clan still faces criticism over their alleged heavy use of image editing over the years. But as this episode reveals, the winds of change are blowing, with Kylie leading the charge. 

So far, that means no nude photos are a part of this conversation, unless and until it becomes a decision made from the source, and no third party.

To end on a reflective note, as we marvel at these celebrities’ glossy, picture-perfect social media feeds, it might be worth asking: how many of us are still filtering our own photos, and when might we learn to embrace our beautiful, unedited selves?

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