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Having sex on Skype can go one of two ways. Here's the ultimate guide on how to have sex on Skype.

The Ultimate Guide to Having Mind-Blowing Sex on Skype

Having sex on Skype can go one of two ways. It can be a mind-blowing experience you’ll never forget, or a painfully awkward encounter you wish you could. 

Now for the good news – avoiding the latter and ensuring the former can be surprisingly straightforward. Rush into a Skype sex call with no idea what to do next, and you’ll soon be praying for a dropped Wi-Fi connection. By contrast, take a little time to plan things out in advance, and you’ll never want it to end. As with most things, planning is the key to getting them right.

Of course, there will always be a degree of nervousness involved in that first-ever Skype sex experience. It must be embraced, as fear and nerves can make an enjoyable sexual experience all the more thrilling. 

Practice makes perfect, and you’ll gradually gain the kind of confidence and insights that make every subsequent call more enjoyable. In the meantime, this is what you need to do to make your next sex on Skype unforgettable for the right reasons:

  • Set Time Aside 

The first thing you need to do is come up with a time and date when you and your partner have a decent amount of time to spare. This also means a time when you will not be interrupted – no calls, no housemates arriving home, no barking dogs in the background, and so on. 

Even if you only plan on spending half an hour or so doing your thing, budget yourself more time than you think you need. This way, you’ll feel relaxed and unrushed during the call – essential for taking maximum enjoyment out of the experience. 

  • Spruce Yourself Up

One of the most important rules of ‘virtual’ dating is to make the same effort you would when dating in the real world. Think about how you would dress and present yourself when heading out for a first date with someone you’ve had your eye on. Your most presentable clothes, maybe a trip to the barber, or even donning some cologne can help you get in the mood. 

You need to look the part for the benefit of your partner, plus a natural confidence accompanies an attractive presentation. Feel free to use your upcoming date as a good excuse to treat yourself to new threads if you choose.

  • Practice Beforehand 

This means two things – the first is to test your hardware setup. Play with different angles, make sure everything is working, and choose the perfect spot for the action. The last thing you want is poor lighting, sketchy sound, or an unreliable Internet connection to halt your call in its tracks. 

Secondly, you’ll want to get yourself on camera and have a practice run with your hardware. If it’s your first time, seeing yourself depicted graphically on camera as a newbie can be a bit of a shock. You’ll want to get out of the way now to be ready to go when the time comes. 

  • Don’t Script Your Lines 

If dirty talk isn’t your thing, don’t try to use it during your Skype sex call. Likewise, if you’re worried about what you’ll say and when, don’t make the mistake of essentially writing yourself a script. Or worse still, look up cheesy porn lines/quotes and attempt to claim them as your own. 

Whoever you’re hooking up with should want you to be yourself. Putting on some act or façade makes the experience unpleasant for both of you. Go with the flow, be yourself, and don’t try to script your performance in advance. 

  • Embrace Imperfections and Have Fun!

This is perhaps the most important tip, as things can and will occasionally go wrong. If you expect your first few sex calls to be in any way polished or perfect, you can forget about it. 

Instead, they’ll be punctuated with bloopers and boobs, which you can take in one of two ways. You can either laugh about them together and keep things lighthearted, or take yourself seriously and spoil everything. 

Expect things to go wrong and be ready to laugh at them when they do. Remember that you’re supposed to be having fun – you’re not putting on a show with an Adult Oscar in mind! 

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