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The landscape has changed dramatically for Instagram over the last couple of years.

How to sell with Instagram reels and stories

If you have an Instagram account, many of your followers may know you for your stories and/or your reel. You sure can buy active instagram followers, but how can you sell your products to them? For that, we need to know what a reel is. And why would they help you sell more products? This post is all about how to use these two features to sell more on social media!

A reel is just an Instagram story that stays up for 24 hours once it’s posted. To create one, all you have to do is tap the little record button in the lower left corner of any story. Then, you have the option of adding a caption and choosing from a bunch of cool filters to use on your image.

When you’re done with that, just tap the little record button again and the reel will stay up for 24 hours. You can post as many reels as you want throughout the day.

Another cool feature of Instagram Stories is the location sticker option. Location stickers are great for luring people into your store without being too pushy. They’ll see that you’re nearby, and if they want to stop by, they can! You can buy or create a custom location sticker using Canva or social media marketing tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

When you’re finished, just tap the save button and it will appear in your Instagram feed. Now, when potential customers see that you’re at a specific location and want to visit, they’ll be able to find your store and see what you have to offer.

One of the prime reasons why shorter videos are doing so well is because not much time is spent behind making them. The same video can be repurposed on various platforms. 

Apart from investing in the best sites to buy real and cheap instagram followers, here are the steps to sell via instagram. 

▪︎ The first step is to turn the viewers of your reels and stories into followers. By posting appropriate content for the target audience, your reach is bound to expand. The more content your post, with relevant hashtags, the more people it will reach. 

▪︎ The formation of reel should be done to attract target audience for your business. If people take interest in your reels then they will tap to know more about you.

▪︎ In order to nurture your audience via instagram stories or reels, the content and caption has to be right. However, this does not mean that you need to create new content every day. It can be as simple as putting someone else’s content on your stories, with the correct caption. The more interactive your content is, the more enhanced your follower’s circle will be. 

▪︎ Make use of various hashtags relevant to your content. One thing that has to be kept in mind is your reel and stories are visible to a wide range of people, even those who don’t follow you. So it’s important to reach your target audience with the help of proper hashtags. 

In order to help the algorithm of Instagram to understand more about your content, use various relevant hashtags, text overlay and captions which are descriptive.

▪︎ Another way in which you can sell with Instagram reels and stories is announcements of offers. Let’s say that you use some of the best sites to buy instagram followers, but they have less idea regarding your business. You can make use of reels and stories for making announcements of sales, offers, deals, etc. 

▪︎ Using instagram reels ads is also a great way to showcase your content and business. As of June this year, Instagram has given the liberty to advertisers where they can choose reels in the place of ads. The 6 objectives provided by placements are – awareness of brand, reach to the audience, increase in traffic, install of apps, the increase in views on videos and finally, conversions. 

The ads of reels offer the brands to reach their target audience in a new method. Hence, it’s no wonder that various people are using reels and stories for selling products on instagram and there’s no reason you should not. 

To end, these are all the ways that are used for selling products on instagram via stories and reels. So, buck up and get back in business with the help of Instagram! 

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