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Finding and retaining the top sales performer is a sort of art. Here are the top tips you need to know about recruiting salespeople.

5 Sales Recruiting Tips to Hire Top Sales Performers

Finding and retaining the top sales performer is a sort of art, given the high rates of failure with sales hires, not many sales managers are familiar with this process.

A well-thought-out recruitment process lets you make the most of recruiting time and resources while ending up with the right candidate. 

Businesses are after the top sales headhunters , succumbing to their demands and offering luxurious salaries to retain them. 

Stay on top of the latest trends, look for likable people, and implement a few tips for hiring top sales performers. 

5 Sales Recruiting Tips to Hire Top Sales Performers

Businesses looking for sales talent should implement these five top sales recruiting tips for effective recruitment strategies. Searching for the right people on different platforms is the first requirement of this process.

Depend on the repeatable, predictive approach and formal training to find the best hire. These fail-safe five recruiting tips are designed for sales managers initiating the hiring process. 


Interviews with the top sales talent of the market can not be impromptu and the interviewer should not ask anything he could think of at the moment. The interviewer needs to plan ahead to hire a candidate for such an important job position.

Like other business aspects, one should plan to get a better outcome of the sales recruiting activities. To build a team of sales performers, make time for recruiting. 

Prepare a properly detailed job description combined with the comprehensive person specification. Take time to consider the requirements of the job role. Moreover, take into account the longer-term company’s plans and the sales goals.

Look For The Right Candidates

After finding a pool of candidates with excellent sales tricks and impressive personal profiles, crunch the number and do not follow the more the merrier approach. Delve deeper and investigate their track records to see if it backs up their claims.

It will help to access sales records, references, performance review data, relevant paperwork, customer feedback, and certifications. Evaluate their past performances to judge what you can expect from them.

Moreover, do not post a vague ad targeting a wider audience resulting in getting applications from a majority of candidates not fit for the position.

It will take a lot of time to identify potential hires in compliance with the skills and experience you are looking for. Avoid generic job descriptions and state clearly the specific fields of expertise that the new hire should excel in.

Assess Skills Over a Phone Call 

After finding the right candidates, you can further evaluate their skills by scheduling a phone call. It will give you clarity of the hiring process and whether you should go with certain candidates or not.

It is also a great way of assessing their conversational skills and to figure out if they can impress you with their sales techniques and narratives. Phone interviews give you information about the candidate’s ability when it comes to building rapport, asking questions, and selling tricks.

After a couple of phone calls, if you find their sales approach and philosophy engaging, schedule an on-site interview. This interview will let you see how they are in person and how passionate they would be towards achieving the company’s goals. 

Candidate-Centered Interview Procedure

Firstly, all candidates should go through the same interview process with nearly similar questions. Hiring a sales talent is slightly different from other job positions, it is a seller’s market thanks to the short supply. Wooing candidates is equally as important as screening them.

Do not implement an overly complicated application process to reduce the abandonment rate. Choose an informal sitting arrangement to conduct interviews. Encourage the potential hire to ask questions and address their concerns during the interview process.

Identify young, passionate sales talent trying to grow and better themselves. These salespeople have the potential and passion to get the job done. Instead of an investigative interview, make it a bit of a mentoring experience for beginners and professionals in this field.

Not all candidates are going to be selected, therefore, be empathetic when rejecting a candidate. Be respectful, state reasons why they are not selected, offer helpful feedback and ask them to apply next time.

Competitive Compensation

The size of the paycheck matters a lot in making sure that the candidate says ‘yes’ to the job position. Investigate and gather data as much as you can about the prospective employee’s previous earnings to make an offer that he can not refuse.

Owing to the short supply, it is not good to negotiate much on compensation. Top sales performers easily get jobs at attractive and alluring pay packages. They will easily switch jobs for a more lucrative offer. If offering a competitive salary is not possible, compensate with other prerequisites, free time, and flexible working hours.


Keep these 5 tips in mind during sales recruiting activities. Look for potential candidates with the right attitude, passion, and skills.

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