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Penetration testing discovers vulnerabilities and determines the strength of a network before cyber-criminals do. Here's how to do it right.

Reasons Why Penetration Testing is Important for Your Business

Penetration testing is an authorized cyber-attack that business owners perform on their company. Unlike the simulations, the penetrating testing will find all the breaches of a company so that it can discover the vulnerabilities or determine the strength of the network before cyber-criminal does. 

The penetrating testing is often considered a part of a security audit. With the help of a penetration test, business owners can receive great insights regarding the defenses of their company. The penetrating testing implements the same methods as the black-hat hackers who are aiming for a data breach. This might include different types of attacks such as creating backdoors, phishing, altering data, opening ports, and installing harmful software. 

Penetration tests are extremely important for a business as they provide business owners information regarding their security defenses from a hacker’s point of view. Here are the reasons why penetration testing is important for your company. 

You Can Find Security Vulnerabilities before the Hackers

If you want your business to stay secure, you need to find the security flaws of your business before the hackers do. This is the primary reason why you will always notice security patches while installing software. Penetration testing is extremely effective at identifying the vulnerabilities that your cyber-security strategy has overlooked to consider. 

However, keep in mind that penetrating testing is not like the other types of vulnerability scans. Since penetrating testing involves human attacks from multiple vectors, the penetrating tests are capable of revealing various security flaws that can:

  • Rely on human factors such as employee or social engineering error. 
  • Impossible to detect or identify with normal vulnerability scanning 

If you want to leverage the benefits of penetrating testing services, make sure you contact us. 

You Can Test the Capabilities of Your Network Defenders 

As per reports, you might require an average of 200 days to identify a possible data breach. When the data breach stays undiscovered for a long time, the cybercriminals will get plenty of time to misuse the sensitive data and install harmful software items. They also install different types of stealing resources such as rootkit or cryptojacking that will help them steal the confidential data of your business over time. As per Box, data protection is extremely important for small businesses.

With the help of penetrating testing, you will be able to monitor the networks of your business closely. This will help you know whether the automated hacker data breach detection programs are working properly or not. 

You Can Mitigate Potential Damage of Successful Attacks 

The average cost that your business needs to pay after a cyber-attack can be more than $200,000. This includes the lost revenue, fines, and expenses connected with hiring professionals who will fix the security vulnerabilities of your company.  

However, keep in mind that your business will go through a lot more than just financial issues after cyber-attacks. If you identify these attacks before time, you will not only be able to take the necessary steps to prevent the attacks but you will also be able to take proper steps that will help you mitigate the disaster. 


These are the reasons why penetration testing is important for your business. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.

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