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Everything you need to know about Smart Contracts’ Security Audits when you buy Ethereum

Smart contracts security audit is inevitable in the cryptocurrency world and all the decentralized finance systems. Most blockchain technology operates using smart contracts. These smart contracts are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and theft. Hence, the need for a smart contract’s security audit. Therefore, a smart contract security audit is necessary to buy Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.

It is important to understand what smart contracts security audit systems are, how they are used, and why. This article explains in detail what smart contract security audits are, how they are carried out, and why you should carry out smart contract security audits whenever you buy Ethereum.

smart contracts security audit

What are smart contract security audits when you buy Ethereum?

A smart contract security audit is an in-depth examination of smart contracts in blockchain technology applications to ensure precision, consistency, security, and completion. The smart contract codes are reviewed, examined, and commented on during this smart contract security audit. 

Smart contract security audits are important in the decentralized finance industry and blockchain technologies that operate smart contracts. This audit is carried out to identify and eradicate smart contract vulnerabilities and verify the consistency of the contracts’ interactions. Especially platforms that anticipate handling many dollars in blockchain transactions or many users. 

When you buy Ethereum and use its blockchain network, you will notice that it has a high capacity to ensure the security of smart contracts on the platform. But not all blockchain networks have this type of capacity to secure the smart contracts and the apps that operate on these networks. Hence, the need for a smart contract security audit.

smart contracts security audit

Why do you need to do a smart contract security audit when you buy Ethereum?

The major reason for carrying out a smart contract security audit is “security,” as the term implies. If a smart contract is hacked or stolen, the owner will lose all assets associated with the smart contract, hence, the need to ascertain the optimum security of smart contracts. Some other reasons for carrying out a smart contract audit include: 

  • It helps in improving your smart contracts code optimization.
  • It helps improve the performance of your smart contracts.
  • Your wallet’s security level when you buy Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies is increased.
  • You are assured of transparency, consistency, and completion of transactions performed with your smart contracts on any blockchain network. You become immune to cyber-theft and other cyber-attacks.

smart contracts security audit

A smart contract security audit is very important for everyone that uses smart contracts on blockchain networks but more important for users like 

  • Product owners of decentralized apps
  • Users that buy Ethereum
  • Individuals must earn the trust of stakeholders, investors, donors, and others.
  • ICO startup creators and organizers
  • Developers of smart contracts

smart contracts security audit

How do you carry out smart contract security audits?

After knowing what a smart contract security audit is and why they are performed. The next thing is to know how to carry out smart contract security audits when buying Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Below are step-by-step guides on how to carry out a smart contract security audit:

  1. Firstly, you are to conduct static code analysis to find inconsistencies in style and susceptible code.
  2. Use reliable tools to do security research on your smart contract.
  3. Examine the SWC Registry for all the vulnerabilities listed.
  4. During testing, set up a bug reward program.
  5. If your company has a competent and experienced cyber-security staff, you may do penetration testing in-house.
  6. Search for any logical errors, centralization, and liquidity lock-ups.
  7. Perform a critical analysis of logic, a symbolic study of probable weak points, automated static analysis, and gas use analysis.
  8. Make a thorough report on the vulnerabilities in your system that have been discovered and recommendations for how to remedy them.
  9. If your internal security staff isn’t up to conducting a smart contract security audit, ensure you outsource it.

smart contracts security audit

What is the accuracy of smart contract security audits?

Based on popular statistics to examine the number of blockchain networks that had troubled waters last year, it becomes clear that many of the greatest hacked and fraudulent projects did not carry out a smart contract security audit. Hence, it is safe to say that smart contract security audits are very beneficial and accurate.

A smart contract security audit is an interesting approach for increasing smart contract functionality. Therefore, when you want to buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, ensure you carry out smart contract security audits to increase the performance capacity of your smart contracts. 

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