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Quotex сopy trading review: Profitability assessment and tips for success

A Traders Union experts examine Quotex Copy Trade, an innovative feature that lets traders replicate experienced professionals’ strategies. The focus is to deliver a thorough examination of the initiation process, identifying suitable traders to emulate, and comprehending the overall expenses associated with engaging in copy trading. By doing so, the aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the feasibility of copy trading as a means of generating income. Explore the Quotex copy trading review to make informed decisions.

How does copy trading work?

In this review, TU experts will examine Quotex’s copy trading service, which enables investors to replicate successful traders’ strategies. They will explore the potential profitability of copy trading as part of an investment strategy and analyze the features and advantages. Additionally, they will provide tips for successful trades when utilizing Quotex’s copy trading service. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • Affordable minimum investment amount of $10.
  • No trading fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, or account fees.
  • User-friendly trading platform specifically designed for binary options trading.


  • Absence of leveraged trading.
  • Lack of international regulatory license.
  • Limited educational resources and analysis tools on the website.
  • Inability to withdraw the deposit bonus.
  • Exclusion of shares as available trading instruments.

What are the steps to start copy trading on Quotex?

Initiating copy trading on Quotex is a simple process that involves the following steps:

  • Select a “Strategy Manager” from the list of experienced traders after logging in to your account.
  • Make a deposit. The minimum deposit requirement is $10. Deposit an amount that suits your investment needs.
  • After making your deposit, begin copying the strategies of your chosen trader. Prioritize reviewing their trading history and performance before proceeding.
  • Once you start generating profits, you can withdraw them according to your preference. You should monitor your investment strategy continuously and adjust it if necessary.

Finding the right trader to copy

Traders Union analysts recommend to follow these factors for optimal success:

  • Trusted Traders: Choose traders with a strong track record and a large following, indicating their credibility and reliability.
  • Returns: Focus on traders with consistent positive returns and avoid those with negative returns.
  • Number of Trades: Assess the number of trades made by a trader, balancing potential gains with the associated risk.
  • Risk Score: Consider traders with lower risk scores for safer copying, but keep in mind that returns may be lower.
  • Consistency: Look for traders who consistently generate positive returns over a significant period, indicating potential long-term success.
  • Open Trades: Evaluate the number of open trades, as it reflects a trader’s risk strategy.
  • Maximum Drawdown & Winning Trades: Analyze a trader’s maximum drawdown and percentage of winning trades to assess their risk-return balance.
  • Level of Activity: Give preference to regularly active traders who can adapt quickly to market changes.

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when choosing the right trader to copy in copy trading.

What you need to know about copying trades with Quotex

Here is a guide from analysts at TU to start copying trades on Quotex:

  • Access the login page: Log in to your account, go to the copy trading section, and select a “Strategy Manager” from the available list.
  • Make a deposit: Deposit a minimum of $10 in your preferred currency. It accepts various currencies for deposits.
  • Copy Strategies: After making your deposit, begin copying the strategies of your chosen trader. It’s important to review their trading history and performance beforehand.
  • Withdraw Profits: As you start earning profits, you can withdraw them.Keep track of your investments and make necessary adjustments to your strategy accordingly.


Traders Union analysts provided a comprehensive examination of Quotex’s Copy Trade service. They emphasized that it allows traders to replicate the strategies of experienced professionals. By exploring the potential profitability and advantages of copy trading on Quotex, traders can gain a comprehensive understanding of its feasibility as an income-generating method.

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