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Whether they're improving sound quality, blocking out external noise, or working to protect your hearing, finding the perfect headphones is a must!

Why buying the perfect headphones is essential to ear health

If you want to prevent ear damage, try using high-quality and over-the-ear headphones that can mute outside noise so you do not have to turn up the volume too loud on your phone or music player! 

Try Bang and Olufsen headphones to keep your ear health top-notch!

If you constantly listen to music, you enjoy listening to podcasts while you’re walking on hikes, and you speak to others on the phone through your Bluetooth headphones, you might be wondering – are these harmful to my eardrums? 

If you are wondering how you can avoid permanent hearing loss and damage to your eardrums by listening to your beloved Spotify playlist every day, you need to choose high-quality headphones that prioritize sound quality over blaring noise. Luckily for you, Bang and Olufsen headphones are some safe options that provide high-quality and crisp sound that is going to keep your eardrums healthy and happy! 

If you constantly listen to music through your headphones, the best thing is to avoid the following mistakes when it comes to using headphones:

  • Do not use noise-canceling headphones while you’re grounding large groups of people. In loud environments, or with music playing in the background. Although noise-canceling headphones can be tempting to use while you are in loud environments, it can actually mean that you will have to increase your music by about 2-3x louder to cancel at the background noise.
    Instead, use a high-quality pair of Bang and Olufsen headphones to help provide crisp and clear sound while you’re sitting in quieter spots.
  • Put a curb on how long you listen – even though it can be enticing to listen to music through your headphones for 8-9 hours while you’re doing work, walking through a town, and sitting in your apartment, it can actually be harmful to your eardrums. Instead, use your Bang and Olufsen headphones for just a few hours a day (maximum) to avoid any ear damage. 

  • Use both earphones – the next tip to avoid any harm to your eardrum and your ear health is using both earphones. Using just one earphone can mean you turn up the music louder so you can hear it better, causing it to put excess strain on one of your eardrums.
  • Consider using Bang & Olufsen over-the-ear headphones for the best option for your health. Although my people nowadays use earbuds since they are sleek and aesthetic-looking, they are actually the worst option if you’re trying to prevent damaging your eardrums. Over-the-ear headphones provide a seal around your ears to keep out outside noise, helping you prevent turning up the music too loud for your ears. 

If you do not have over the ear headphones, you can buy in-ear headphones with flexible ends from Bang & Olufsen – this next type of headphones work well to help form a seal around your ear canal to help you mute outside sounds without you having to blare your music on your headphones. 


By following these healthy listening tips, you can avoid permanent ear damage to your eardrum and your ear canal. Try high-quality and crisp headphones from Bang & Olufsen to focus on listening to music for a few hours a day through crystal clear over-the-ear headphones! 

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