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Marshall Major 4

Marshall Major 4 Specifications, Lightweight and Spectacular Headphones

Long and tiring daily activities require the support of practical and comfortable wearable devices. One of the products that can accompany you is the Marshall Major 4 headphones. The good specifications of the Marshall Major 4 at competitive prices will make you do your daily work more enthusiastically.

Although the Marshall brand is better known as a manufacturer of guitar amps, they have been in the headphone market for some time. Its main headphone series, the Marshall Major, has entered its 4th iteration. Marshall offers several advantages for this on-ear series. Want to know what are the Marshall Major 4 specifications in question? Come on, see the explanation below!

Practical and Classy Design

The Marshall Major 4 on-ear headphones have a practical design. With a collapsible model, it’s easy to carry anywhere and doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Even so, you don’t need to worry about the resistance of these headphones. Marshall Major 4 is made of premium and sturdy material so it remains safe despite its portable design.

Regarding control, you don’t need to worry about having difficulties. Marshall Major 4 uses only one multi-directional button on the right earcup. This feature is very easy to operate, so you don’t need to remember all the gestures that are usually found on touch-sensitive earcups. The charging port and jack cable are also located on the right, so it looks neat.

Furthermore, the Marshall Major 4’s physical appearance looks minimalist and classy with the iconic white Marshall logo on both sides of the textured earcups. Just like the three previous versions of the Marshall Major series, the Marshall Major 4’s earcups are also square. This square design is the uniqueness of the Marshall Major compared to other headphones in its class. Plus, the headphone headband is covered in quality faux leather. So you can use it anytime while still looking stylish.

Light and Comfortable with Long Playing Time

Marshall Major 4 specifications in terms of weight are also very light, only 165 grams after being removed from the box. While the earcups of these headphones are approximately 65mm in size, measured from top to bottom of the pads. As on-ear headphones, Marshall Major 4 ensures user comfort.

The light weight also allows you to easily hold these headphones wherever you go. Switch classes or workspaces more efficiently with the lightweight headphones. Another advantage offered by the Marshall Major 4 to support your daily work is the long battery life.

Marshall Major 4 is estimated to have up to 80 hours of playback time in wireless mode. Meanwhile, the required charging time is only 15 minutes for 15 hours of wireless usage. Very fitting for those of you who have high flying hours and must always be on. Not only does it have extra-long battery life, charging the Marshall Major 4 is a breeze.

You can charge these headphones with USB type C or a wireless charging pad. If you are an Android phone user, then you don’t need to buy a charging cable anymore. What’s more, the wireless charging feature also makes it easier for you to charge the battery without the hassle of going to public places that provide wireless charging pads.

Flexible Headphones for Every Activity

Marshall Major 4 headphones are flexible on-ear devices. With the Marshall Major 4, you have the option of using Bluetooth 5.0 or a 3.5 jack cable. The Bluetooth 5.0 feature supports stable and fast connectivity to your devices. Regarding the provided 3.5mm jack cable, it reaches 1.3 meters in length before being stretched.

The advantage of this jack coiled cable is that users can develop cables according to their needs. You also don’t have to worry about tangling cables. For lovers of vintage items, Marshall Major 4 Headphones can be used for devices that don’t have Bluetooth such as computers, radios, and older music players.

Last but not least, two connectivity options make these headphones multifunctional. Not only for working and taking part in online meetings, Marshall Major 4 is also suitable for slot gacor hari ini who have lots of devices and gadgets. You can connect a Bluetooth connection when playing games on your cellphone and use the 3.5mm jack when playing games on a PC.

Quality Audio for Active Listeners

Regarding audio quality, Marshall Major 4 produces spectacular output. Like most loudspeakers, the Marshall 4 on-ear headphones have a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz and an impedance of 32Ω. However, what makes this headphone series special is its roaring bass and brilliant treble. The singer’s vocals sound sharp and the detail persists even if you play it at high volume.

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