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Anything which is artificial but hyped eventually gets its organic version. Why should you use organic vape juice instead?

Top Nine Reasons Why You Should Go For Organic Vape Juice

Anything which is artificial but hyped eventually gets its organic version. The same can be said about vape juices.

Well, if you are confused about what organic vapes are and what purpose they serve then you must give these top nine reasons why you should go for organic vape juice a read.

All About Organic Vape Juice 

Although there is no scientific proof, regular vapes are harmful for health. To cater to the need, organic vape juice is what people choose as it contains only natural ingredients. So, there are no artificial additives, flavours and colours added. The base which is propylene glycol in regular vapes is replaced with vegetable glycerin which causes no allergy. Furthermore, even the manufacturing process it goes through is the one approved by the USDA. 

Qualities Of Organic Vape Juice

Finding an organic vape juice which is actually natural is usually a challenge. Sometimes, the products are labelled as organic even if they only follow one guideline- involving no pesticides, chemicals or chemical fertilisers. But the qualities that make organic vape juice actually organic are discussed below.

All Natural Ingredients

Organic vape juice has only the natural and safe ingredients. This can be further proven by the fact that even the base used in this is vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol. Moreover, there are no artificial flavours, additives or methods used to prepare it.


Only the organic juices that are certified by authorities like the USDA are actually all natural. As stated earlier, some companies label their products as organic even if their products hold unnatural elements. So, before you buy, make sure it is certified.

Causes No Allergy

The ingredients such as propylene glycol used in regular vapes cause allergic reactions. This messes up with overall vaping experience. However, organic vapes only utilise vegetable glycerin which has no side effects.

Environment Friendly

Not only is organic vaping considered safe for you but also for the environment. If you are a nature lover and the thought ever hits your head that your vaping can be contributing to the air population then be happy because organic vaping is safe for the environment.

Soft Throat Hit

Propylene glycol which is a by-product of petroleum when used as the regular base strongly hits the throat of its users. On the flip side, vegetable glycerin only mildly hits the throat. 

Creates Aesthetic and Big Clouds

The base used in organic vape juice has a great viscosity. Consequently, the users can make impressively big clouds that amuse others. 

Better Oral Hygiene

No chemicals and harmful nicotine are some of the best features of organic e-juices. Therefore, vaping does not affect oral hygiene. So, you can still flaunt your white teeth.

Helpful For Smokers

It is very hard for smokers to quit smoking, given their years-long habit. However, organic vapes have less amount of nicotine compared to cigarettes, making people consume controlled amounts of nicotine and eventually, quit smoking.

Safe Vaping Experience

Containing no harmful and artificial chemicals make your vaping experience a memorable one. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is already sweet in taste so you don’t even require any extra flavours. 

Is Organic Vape Juice Safer Than The Regular Vape?

Well, nothing is scientifically proven since there is limited research done on the issue but if you ask general users, they will tell you their experiences. Some people say that it is only a marketing strategy to sell organic vape juice as there is only a slight difference in the taste. However, you can clearly decide it by reading it all below.

  • Utilizing eco-friendly processes, organic e-vapes are fully natural.
  • You know exactly what the bottle holds as it is highly regulated.
  • Sensitive people who are prone to allergies prefer organic e-vapes because they don’t have propylene glycol.
  • They contain no artificial or harmful chemicals, be it flavours, additives or fertilizers.

What Makes Organic Vape Juice Safe?

Being sold as a certified product and carrying ingredients that are fully natural is what makes organic e-liquids safe. Unlike the rest of the vapes, the ingredients are cultivated and harvested through natural means. Furthermore, they are then manufactured in a way that is approved by the USDA. The main ingredients like the base is also natural which is vegetable glycerin. 

On the flip side, it can turn out to be a bit costly due to low demand and for its organic nature. Also, its taste is also a bit different than the regular ones because unnatural flavours are avoided. Anyway, if you believe in introducing only the natural ingredients into your body then this is all worth it.

How To Ensure A Vape Juice Is Organic?

They can be proven organic if vegetables utilized to produce its VG are certified organic. Furthermore, the extraction process also needs to be approved by the USDA. The flavourings added need to be naturally sourced and there should be nothing unnatural used or else the product would not fall into the 100% organic category.


Well, if you are picky about your health and want to vape but can’t risk your health then organic vape juice should be your pick. However, you should not overlook the fact that they can turn out to be a bit pricey and can taste somewhat different.

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