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You can get more bang out of your subscription charge than you know! Here are all the ways to maximize your Netflix experience, no extra charge!

10 Tips to Get More out of Netflix

Streaming fever is increasing day by day, so are the streaming platforms. Both factors are directly proportional to each other. Using these streaming services is very technical although they feel like they are plug and play, somehow they are but here are a few tactics by using them you can ultimately make your watching and downloading experience to the maximum.

There are numerous little-known methods and hacks out there, such as removing embarrassing names from your history or an alternative that allows you to customize the appearance of subtitles.

We’ve compiled a list of several ways which will help you a lot to get more out of the Netflix streaming service. Check out the list below:

  • Evading Geo-Lock

Some Netflix regions get a better service because they offer a wider selection of TV shows and films. However, you can get around any geo-blocks in the UK or elsewhere by using a VPN, such as ExpressVPN. VPNs are masters of disguise and they use proper strategies for switching regions on Netflix

There are also services like NordVPN, Surfshark, IPVanish, and Ghost VPN, they all are tested for their credibility and affordability.

If you want to use your Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, or iPad to access Netflix in other countries, simply adjust your DNS settings to deceive your system into thinking you’re based elsewhere.

  • Adjust Streaming Resolution

Fine-tune streaming resolution can bring a pleasant difference to your downloading and watching experience, it decreases the resolution of the video by not compromising on quality which ultimately increases the speed. 

For instance, you are watching a movie on 1080 Px and you have a little slow internet that doesn’t support such heavy resolution, so what you can do is you can switch to 720 Px which will ultimately make a minute viewing alteration that is unnoticeable.

By using such an effective tactic, you can not only save your data but also you can manage your time efficiently.

  • Watching Netflix Online with Friends – Realtime

Kast is a program that allows you and your friends to watch Netflix in real-time together. It works with any website, including YouTube, Hulu, and other platforms. The same goal may be achieved using Netflix Party. People can follow and discuss what they’re viewing while using it.

  • Netflix DIY Button

The popular video streaming service has released a DIY button that controls everything from ordering delivery to dimming the lights, turning on the television, and streaming Netflix. It’s essentially a “Netflix and Chill” button that you may make yourself.

  • Alter Home Screen by Changing Font Style

You may change the font of the subtitles to anything you want. All you have to do is go to Account >> Profile >> Subtitle Appearance and make any changes from there. You can also preview any changes before making them permanent. This option may provide a fresh look to your home screen.

  • Tip for Apple TV Users

To access Netflix and other content on your TV without a Chromecast, use Apple TV. When watching Netflix on Apple TV, press the Up arrow twice on the remote to display a banner with a thumbnail image, rating, and description. If you push down slowly while watching, a progress bar will appear. You may go forward or backward at most for two to six minutes.

  • Halt AutoPlay Option

Netflix automatically plays the next episode of whatever you’re watching. If you don’t want it to, simply hit the Settings button in the top right corner and choose Your Account.

  • Supplementary Languages for Captions

You can use a Google Chrome plugin to add dual subtitles for families who speak more than one language. Install the program, then choose two distinct languages to display at the bottom of your screen.

  • Using Flix Roulette

Instead of going nowhere with Netflix, try Flix Roulette. Select a genre, actor, director, or keyword to spin the wheel and see what comes up. Alternatively, you may go crazy with all of Netflix’s material without using keywords.

  • Testing Latest Features on Netflix

You may participate in Netflix’s Trial program to test out new features. Under Settings in your Account, click on Test Participation. From the drop-down menu, pick Test Participation. For example, Recommendation Algorithms are unlikely to be noticed by most users.

Bonus Tip

  • Erase Last Watching list

Do you wish you could watch something other than Game of Thrones while simultaneously keeping up with the latest episode? If it’s a favorite that isn’t making any sense to keep on your Continue Watching list, it might be time to rewatch it. Review your viewing history page to see which titles are to blame.


Streaming has become a mandatory need for users to get entertainment stuff in cyberspace. There are numerous services available which are offering the best of the best services to the customers. The customers have to decide which service should they run on their system, the more quality is provided at the most promising prices users will definitely attract to that service.

There are various ways that a user can make more out of the streaming service. We are sure of those 11 tactics which we have shared that a Netflix user acquires a better experience with streaming. 

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