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Netflix has different libraries for different countries. Find out how to watch these different libraries from the ease of your home.

How to watch other countries’ Netflix libraries with ease

As massive as Netflix’s catalog is, it’s no secret you’re probably missing out on exclusive content other countries have. Due to film and distribution rights, what’s on Netflix in the U.S. is different from the UK, Brazil, South Korea, and more. Sure, it means you get a customized experience depending on where you are, but don’t you want to watch more content? 

When you get bored of what’s new on Netflix, you know you need to up your account. But how do you trick Netflix into thinking you’re in a different country? Enter: VPNs. A good VPN can bypass Netflix’s servers and get you exclusive content from other countries. But what if Netflix is trying to stop you even with a VPN?

Though they’re legal to use, the majority of VPNs nowadays are detected by Netflix, and therefore will block you from viewing Netflix in general, let alone in a different country. So what VPN will get you past Netflix’s servers? Simple: ClearVPN. The new innovative VPN is changing the bingewatching game. 

A personalized way to browse the web

ClearVPN makes itself the first VPN dedicated to making your browsing experience personalized and effortless. By using shortcuts to help you quickly access different international streaming libraries, ClearVPN has made it easy for you to customize your streaming experience. Plus, ClearVPN continues to offer the safe and secure browsing experience you expect from a VPN. 

These shortcuts include Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Oscar Films, and more streaming services. Using DynamicFlow technology, ClearVPN finds the best server for what you want to do, whether it be binging Netflix, browsing the web, or doing some online shopping. No more testing 26,000 servers to try and find one that works best for your needs. 

Why ClearVPN works with Netflix

VPNs are 100% legal, and actually are legal to use with Netflix. However, since Netflix wants to make sure it’s not opening itself to any lawsuits from studios, it tends to limit your access to whatever country you’re currently located in, even if you switch with a VPN. So how are you supposed to get past this? 

Since ClearVPN knows about this, they’ve programmed their VPN to be untraceable by Netflix. While some of the bigger brands will get flagged by Netflix, ClearVPN users can slide right on through to their forbidden content. Of course, we know that’s not the only good reason you should be investing in a VPN. 

Keep your data safe

VPNs aren’t just for scoring the newest movies and TV shows. At its core, VPNs are designed to make for a safe browsing experience no matter where you are in the world. Using its own custom-built protocols, as well as OpenVPN & IKEv2, ClearVPN will guarantee you a safe and secure portal to the internet no matter what region you connect from. 

VPNs are designed to offer secure and anonymous connections to your favorite website, acting almost as a firewall to keep your data safe from anyone trying to creep through while you’re connected to the internet. Whether you’re just logging into the wifi at your local coffee shop, or you’re travelling abroad, you want to make sure your data is just as safe as you are. 

Try it out for free

If you’re still not sure on ClearVPN’s amazing powers, there’s a way you can try it out for free. MacPaw, known for developing Mac software to make your computer healthier and run smoother, offers a free version of ClearVPN with their package. Once you fall in love with the easy-to-use software, it’s painless to download and add to all your devices. 

ClearVPN is available on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS, and your one account can be activated on up to six different devices. It’s simple design, effortless connectivity procedures, and quick-to-access shortcuts make downloading ClearVPN a no-brainer. But if you really are concerned with how much you’ll love ClearVPN, the software offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can know for certain if you love it or not. 

If you want to not only protect yourself while you’re surfing the web, but also expand your bingewatching horizons, then go to their website and download ClearVPN today to get started. 

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  • Hey, thanks for sharing this and introducing ClearVPN. I never came across this provider before. I totally agree with what you said about big brands being flagged by Netflix. I was using Express for Netflix and guess what it does not work anymore. Then I switched to Ivacy but as said you should put all your eggs in one basket. I would definitely give ClearVPN a try. Thanks!!

    May 21, 2021

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