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Muhammad Azhar

Muhammad Azhar – Pakistani Entrepreneur behind Living Gossips

We’re all aware that clapping requires two hands. But did you know that it takes more than one mind to create a successful business venture? You and I may see things from different perspectives – on the outside and the surface. However, there are many more things to see. 

Muhammad Azhar, for example, is a successful Pakistani entrepreneur. Because of three main characteristics – resilience, hard work, and passion – this person has earned a great deal of respect and reputation. 

In this article today, we have shared a heart-to-heart conversation with Muhammad Azhar, the owner of a living gossip website and a visionary young man in his thirties.

Question 1: What did it take to ensure that the living gossips website is my ultimate dream?

Answer: Ever since I earned a course certification in SEO, something about SEO and online website marketing has enticed me to learn it thoroughly. As you know, I’m a late-eighties kid, and the only thing I could practice was using this course. For me, it was not what I had planned to pursue as a career, and I desired something grandiose. Something to do with digital marketing and websites. I decided to take it to the next level – to start my venture, my website – which is now registered under “Living Gossips.”

Question 2: How long did you develop successful strategies for living gossip websites?

Answer: Not decades, but a couple of years were allotted to grasp the nuances of SEO and website marketing fully. As a result, I took on a variety of odd jobs. It was not difficult to keep my sanity because my vision was clear about what I wanted in the end. However, it took many sleepless nights and an empty stomach to get to where I am today – the owner and CEO of Living Gossips, as well as an SEO link builder guest post.

Question 3: Can you tell us about the difficulties you had to overcome?

Answer: It was not a strict procedure for me. Whatever time and effort went into creating and conceptualizing my website, living gossips was well spent. As previously stated, there were sleepless nights and an empty stomach. I haven’t mentioned it before, but I come from a middle-class family in Pakistan’s outskirts. Everything I’ve accomplished in the form of the living gossips website results from my efforts. So, naturally, the affection for this website is far greater than that for anything or anyone else!

Question 4: Will you give any advice for young people planning to start their businesses soon?

Answer: I have only one message. If you genuinely desire something in life, ensure that your vision is clear. Strategies and plans are secondary considerations. Passion and determination to carry out the plan, on the other hand, come first. Remember, all it takes is a strong desire to achieve positive results. Even if you fall, a fire within you will not let you remain the same. You will undoubtedly rise and shine!

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