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iMonetizeit experts have prepared for you 10 best models to monetize your website in 2022. See how you can earn money without much effort.

10 website monetization models in 2022

The question “Why is it worth monetizing a website?” is asked by many owners. The reason is extra income without much effort. It can also make your brand’s name recognizable and popular. 

iMonetizeit experts have prepared for you 10 best models to monetize your website in 2022.

  1. Affiliate (partnership)  marketing 

This is a reliable way to convert your blog or site into money. Partnership marketing is an effective strategy to make money from the site: you usually earn a commission when your guests buy through your website. What do you need to do? Your task is to place an affiliate link on your website with words that can encourage the potential buyers to click through.  

Basically, you are good at talking about products that correspond to the general content of your website. To make your partnership marketing campaign successful, you need to remember about your audience and the products which you are promoting. 

This model of monetization is often used by bloggers all over the world. 

  1. Begin selling Ad spaces. What is good about this model? If you have a lot of traffic, you can sell some advertising space to parties interested in it and earn money doing next to nothing. You can work with advertisers you think are best for your website. For these ads to be effective and generate revenue, set rules for advertisers regarding the content, format and size of banners. 
  2. Sell product: digital or physical.  It’s very simple: if you’re interested in how to convert your website into money, you can create an online store. Digital products or services can be sold on it.  

For example, you can launch an e-book covering different aspects of your business or create a recipe book. A lot of people pay money for meditation or yoga courses, so don’t be afraid and share your knowledge.  The best job is your hobby, you know.  

There is a long list of digital products you can sell on your site: 

  1. online courses; 
  2. checklists, templates; 
  3. icons, emoticons, fonts; 
  4. Ps presets; 
  5. drawings, photos; 
  6. audio and video elements.

Whatever you choose, use all your imagination to create a unique product that will bring you income. 

  1. Use Google AdSense. This is a strategy of monetization that everyone should know about. The more you invest in advertising your site, the more traffic it attracts and the more you can earn on it. Google paid advertising means that you only pay for clicks to your site. Therefore, it’s important to choose the most appropriate keywords that contribute to your SEO promotion.  
  2. Become part of an advertising network. The easiest way to make money from your website is by partnering with advertising networks, such as AdService or AdCash. You just need to register as a publisher and allocate space on your site for advertising. You can select the advertising campaigns you want to post on your site and receive resources from the platform. You get paid based on the total sales generated by the traffic you send to the advertiser. 
  3. Monetize access to your email list. You can make money with a reliable mailing list. It’s a great way to reach audiences which are not yet ready to buy your services. 

Here are some models to make money from your mail contacts: 

  1. placement of advertising banners in your letters; 
  2. sponsored messages in your newsletter;
  3. strategic placement of partnership links in your content. 

Having started several ads a month, notice how your readers react.  Gradually you can increase the amount of advertising in your letters.

  1. Add a paid classified ad to your website. If you cannot advertise on your site for some reasons, consider creating a paid classified ad. This model is ideal for commercial and public sites with high traffic. You just have to create a target page and start collecting messages related to your site, and of course set a price for these ads. 
  2. Try Flipping websites. Using your imagination and a website constructor, you can create landing pages in minutes and receive money for it. This is a great way to earn for those who can create websites and sell them to people who offer the best price. 
  3. Make paid access to premium content. Nowadays paywalls are common. Many news outlets offer premium content to their audiences. You can do so too. If you create some digital content, premium access to some content can be a lucrative monetization strategy for your site. 
  4.  Display sponsored posts.  It can be a great monetizing model. Cooperation with experts and opinion leaders reinforces your own status as an expert in your field. In addition, your website gets more attention and as a result, more traffic and money. 

Whatever model of website monetization you choose, you must understand that at first, any business requires investments of money, effort and time, but then your work will be crowned with success.

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