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How long will a mobile app development take? Here's everything you need to know before you develop a mobile app.

What Factors Influence The Time It Takes To Develop A Mobile App?

Once you have an app concept, your mind is infiltrated with a lot of thoughts and you are bombarded with queries nagging at you.

Keeping aside the cost of app development, which is inevitably the very first aspect arising in a layman’s mind, we are here to put forth the question, “How long will a mobile app development take?” along with an answer that you’ve been longing for!

It makes sense that this concern would arise, especially given how fiercely competitive the app business is becoming and how many new apps are being released every day. Many of our clients struggled to answer this question, so we’ve included instructions on how to do so below.

First off, it’s quite difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy when the initial release will hit the market.

Even if you have a fair idea about the potential performance of your app in the market and who it will engage with, there are a number of additional uncontrollable aspects.

Consequently, this might have an impact on how long it takes a mobile application development company to create the app.

Determining Factors for the Time Required for Mobile App Development


The platform you select will determine the amount of work and time needed to create a fully working app. According to our experience, both platforms require a significant time commitment. 

However,  Android still requires more effort. This is brought on by the difficulties in developing apps for a greater variety of devices due to the diversity.

Even while Google has been improving and refining the Android Software Developers Kit (SDK) over time to handle a variety of screen sizes, OS versions, pixel densities, etc., the iOS platform still needs a lot of work before it can be overtaken. Similar to this, the Android platform takes less time to approve apps than the iOS platform.

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The time frame is greatly influenced by how effectively the mobile app developers comprehend your concept. The developers can simply comprehend and carry out the plan if your idea is overly straightforward, such as merely a copy of any other app or something like a wallpaper app.

However, a new app development involves certain intricacies and complexities that you must not overlook.

It will take extra effort to make your idea obvious if you are creating an application with some novel and distinctive characteristics. And this is essential because better knowledge leads to better results.

As a software development agency, Prakash Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is delighted to make every effort to comprehend and research the potential of a mobile app concept before beginning to build it.


The time for mobile app development will again depend on the features you choose to include in it. The more features there are, the longer it will take. Again, the type of feature or functionality you want to include in your application is important. Some features may be simple to develop, while others may necessitate more effort and time, depending on the intricacy of their functioning.

The scenario may be dangerous due to the intricacy of the app’s concept and required functionality. Even if you put a lot of money into it, it might not yield the results you were hoping for.

We encourage our clients to opt for constructing MVP to avoid losing time, effort, and money. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product that has only the essential features needed to determine its market potential and gather user input for future product development.

If the app’s initial iteration is unsuccessful, you can improve your concept based on user feedback. Additionally, if the target is met, additional features may be added to the app through subsequent updates. Although profitable, this takes time.


When compared to those for a bigger audience of, let’s say, 50,000 people, it is simpler to develop a mobile app for a small number of simultaneous users, like 1000.

According to our expertise, a more widely used application requires greater architectural, infrastructure, performance testing, and tuning investments. The time needed to design an app is again increased by all of these considerations.


A bug-free, fully working program, in our opinion, will be more successful than one that was released earlier but crashed. A mobile application development company must spend time testing every aspect of the app to ensure that it complies with all the critical KPIs.

You can see from the following factors that creating a high-end mobile app is not a simple and quick operation! To produce an app that stands out in the app market, a lot of other factors like time, effort, money, and method are required.

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