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Michael Koch was honored at the 2022 Business Intelligence Group awards for his excellence in the field of AI. Learn more about this entrepreneur.

Michael Koch on being Named the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year for Machine Learning

The Business Intelligence Group has a variety of annual awards which they bestow on individuals, organizations and products. The purpose of the awards is to, “seek out and reward those with vision, creativity and persistence”. These traits are what the Group considers to be cornerstones of excellence which differentiate top companies and individuals from the rest of the pack. The Business Intelligence Group was created in 2012 and has subsequently awarded hundreds of people, products and companies with their variety of awards. These awards satisfy their mission of providing recognition to the people and organizations who most deserve it. 

The awards have a category for excellence in artificial intelligence and this category covers four main areas of AI. These areas are, “reactive machines, limited memory , theory of mind, and self-awareness”. There are also a slew of additional categories for the application of AI which includes machine learning, automation and diagnosis among many others. The award for excellence in AI is awarded to individuals, products or services and organizations who have contributed in a significant way to AI technology.

Michael Koch on His Award 

Michael Koch was honored at the 2022 Business Intelligence Group awards for his excellence in the field of AI. He was named the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year for Machine Learning for his outstanding work leading his latest company, HubKonnect. This company uses AI to deliver a sophisticated marketing platform for franchise restaurants. This platform unifies data to both create and establish a localized marketing strategy which will be perfectly suited to the restaurant and its client base. 

In response to his recognition from Business Intelligence Group he stated that, “It’s an honor to be recognized for leading the forefront of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.” He is the CEO and co-founder of HubKonnect, and through his leadership and ceaseless hard work they have “developed a robust and innovative AI-enabled local marketing platform that enables franchise restaurants to understand local consumer data. The AI subsequently develops marketing tactics and assets that drive real world business results”.  

Koch has had a notable career, in which his companies have delivered for global giants, such as McDonalds, P&G, Visa, Meta, Google, and Nike. He states that, “Over the course of my career, I have successfully built, scaled, and exited four innovative technology companies on a global level. My passion, curiosity, and relentless dedication to pushing innovation forward in the AI technology sector has propelled HubKonnect the No. 1 AI-enabled local store marketing platform in the multi-unit retail space today”.

Koch is extremely proud of the results of his dedication to his craft. He has a personal ethos of placing his work and his technology above all else. This allows him to create a work  environment which is unfettered by excess and the need for recognition which many other CEOs in the technology space crave. He firmly believes that HubKonnect is on the trajectory to be the Salesforce for the restaurant industry. Koch said, “In today’s fast changing landscape, it has never been more important for restaurants to engage with their community quickly and intelligently at the local level. We have developed the HubKonnect platform to synthesize local consumer data, and then instantly develop and deploy localized marketing programs for franchise restaurants across the US.”

Commitment to his work and the technology which he creates are defining aspects of Koch’s career. This is to the extent that he says, “My sole focus over the past four years has been developing and delivering powerful artificial intelligence to top global brands in the multi-billion dollar quick service restaurant industry. I’m proud to say that no other technology platform in the market does what HubKonnect offers. Under my direction, we will continue pushing the industry forward to keep our clients on the cutting edge of AI”. 

Final Thoughts 

Michael Koch is an incredibly deserving recipient of his award for AI entrepreneurship in machine learning. He brings a work ethic and level of innovation to his work which few, if any, technology entrepreneurs could claim to match. His company is using AI to bring a much needed service to restaurateurs to allow them to remain competitive and deliver quality service to their customers. His forward thinking approach to AI allows him to lead his company and his clients with an unmatched vision for the future.

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