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With a platform like Livebeam, there is more ease in making friends online. Here's how to start chatting online.

How To Start Online Chatting On Livebeam?

So many things come with friendship. Right from having someone you can count on and talk to, to even greater benefits like receiving help in distress, advice during confusing times, or just someone to cheer you up when you are down. A friend is needed in many spheres of life and you should have as many genuine ones as you can.

*Notice that this article is sponsored by Livebeam.

Is Making New Friends Easy?

Having a friend sounds like a great thing to have. However, getting a new friend wasn’t usually as easy and pleasant. It takes a process of knowing, relating, trusting, and finally growing in sync. Proximity is no longer an issue for friendship with many social media platforms available. And now, making new friends has also been made easier with platforms like Livebeam.

In theory, Livebeam is a communication platform. But, in reality, it’s so much more. Livebeam is also an entertainment platform. That means, as much as you can go there to make a friend and talk to your old buddies, you can also log in to be entertained by amazing content creators who make streams for your viewing pleasure. With a platform like Livebeam, there is more ease in making friends online.

How Do You Make Friends Online?

If you are looking for the section that talks about making friends the right way, you aren’t there yet. It’s important to get to know the basics i.e. The normal things you should do when trying to make a friend online.

Firstly, you need a location. As already stated earlier, to make friends online the best place to go to are social communication platforms. There is a multitude of platforms, from Livebeam to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many more. It’s usually tricky picking a platform, but what you have to look at is the popular topics, age range, and type of content you are interested in.

When you have decided on a platform, the first step is to carry out the friendly activities possible on these platforms, which could include:

  • Following people’s accounts
  • Liking their social posts
  • Commenting on their content
  • Introducing yourself in their private messages
  • Making friendly content for the public to see

These are the nitty-gritty of online socialization. They show interest and also give you a sense of an early introduction. Someone who has noticed your engagements on their content on the timeline would be more welcoming to your private message.

How To Make Online Friends The Right Way?

Be it on Livebeam or any other platform, making online friends is all about the moments and the approach. Basically, this is how life works. You do not want to engage a person whilst they are angry, and you do not want to ruin an online user’s happiness with the wrong approach.

When starting the process, you need to be able to answer these simple questions:

  1. Why are you messaging this particular person?
  2. Do you have anything in common with this person?
  3. How do you introduce yourself?
  4. What conversation starter do you plan to initiate?
  5. What’s the worst that can happen?

The last question is to give you that final push. A lot of people tend to back out even when they can see that there is no reason to. Which is why you should ask yourself, “what’s the worst that can happen?” Nothing major when you think about it.

The other questions, however, are a form of guide to your approach. It shows that you should first have a goal and find common ground, these things make for a soft landing. Once you know that you want to make friends with this person because they seem cool and like a few things that you like, it’s easier to go ahead.

The third and fourth questions will lead you to your first words to the person. All you have to do is introduce yourself properly. You don’t need to give many details, just the basics, your name, where you’re from, and what you want. After you get in, you push to the first topic of discussion, which we advise that you prepare for. However, depending on how the introduction goes, a new topic may arise.

How Does Livebeam Make Things Easier?

Interestingly, Livebeam sorts out the moments for you in a really cool way. Once you sign up on Livebeam, you will be asked some quick descriptive questions about yourself. This information helps Livebeam to make suggestions to you about people who you can easily relate with.

Looking closely at the situation, This information will help you more. This is because Livebeam is an international platform, it houses users from all over the world. People of different cultures, races, interests, and occupations. If left alone, you could spend ages surfing through for your kind of person. Don’t be mistaken, Livebeam has a pretty great search feature, but do you ever really know what or who you are looking for? Most times the answer is no.

Livebeam creates these moments to get you to meet the best type of people for you. After that, it’s quite easy from there. The Livebeam community has a lot of  accepting individuals. Livebeam has sought to promote diversity in all they do, and that rubs off on its users eventually. It’s pretty easy to chat someone up for the first time and start an enlightening conversation.

Apart from the moments, Livebeam also helps with topic ideas. The platform provides suggestions for conversation starters. This can drive the discussion and keep you going.

What Do You Do Now?

If it isn’t obvious yet, we’ll spell it out for you. To make friends online you should pick a great platform that allows you to meet with new people, engage in genuine conversations, and start a comfortable friendship. One such platform is Livebeam, and that is the suggestion today. With Livebeam you will make new friends that have similar interests as you do, and also get entertained while you are at it.

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