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Right now it's hard to get family together for big events, but you don't need to worry about it any longer. Learn why you should live stream your wedding today.

Live the day of your dream with a live wedding stream

The pandemic has slowed almost everything down these past couple years, but there’s one thing it hasn’t slowed: love. People are still finding their soulmates and beginning the journey of life together, and they still want to celebrate that love just like they did before the pandemic. The challenge these days comes in finding a way to get friends & family together when circumstances sometimes won’t allow it.

These days international travel can be especially tricky. Even if you can get family members from far away places into the same country, there are times when large groups of people can’t safely get together. Luckily, today’s technology also offers the perfect solution that can let family & friends enjoy the perfect wedding no matter the circumstances.

Live stream weddings are a new trend that are letting people enjoy the best day of their lives with their friends & family, even with the pandemic still raging around the world. Streaming is so much more than just a wedding video, and we’ve got all the ins & outs ready for you right here.

Live streaming

When most people think of streaming events, they imagine a Zoom call, but professional wedding live streams couldn’t be more different. Live streaming professionals use a high bitrate that guarantees crisp HD video, so your guests will feel like they’re at the wedding in person. There’s also no need to worry about your internet connectivity, professionals use multiple modems, so there’s never any lagging or crashing.

On top of that, live stream weddings come with a wide variety of bonus features. Your wedding will have a fully customized viewing page. It will be kind of like the entrance to your event, and it will look just as beautiful as a professionally decorated entryway. The viewing page can also contain a program for the event to give your guests an idea of the order of the service they’re about to attend.

If you’re looking for some extra interactivity in your wedding, the live stream can also include a chat window, so guests can speak with each other and with you. A fully decked out live stream wedding can include remote speakers to give speeches & blessings. There can also be a two-way add-on feature, letting you talk to your guests face to face, even if you’re on other sides of the world.

Live the dream

There’s no reason to let the pandemic stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. Live streaming is so viable these days that you’re probably going to see more & more people using streams to save money on travel expenses and to get people together when guests are scattered across the globe.

With all the customizable options, beautiful viewing pages, and top-notch filming professionals available to you, now is the perfect time to consider having a wedding live stream for those guests who won’t be able to attend your big day in person. Step into the future, and really live the dream day that you’ve always wanted, by streaming your wedding live online for everyone you love.

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