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Lightroom Presets: A Breakthrough In AI-Generated Photo Enhancement

Jaw dropping photos and images have become the norm even for non professional photographers as they take advantage of editing tools like the all familiar “Adobe lightroom presets”. For example, by downloading these lightroom presets, one can instantly access 2000+ enhancements to make your images look professional. Today, we are looking ahead at how AI can help take all this to the next level. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives even if we are not always aware of it. The beauty of AI is that digital computers or computers operated by robots can perform tasks that are usually associated with intelligent human beings.

The industry is growing at a rapid pace and it is for this reason that many large technology companies are investing in the technology. As the technology evolves, so do its application possibilities. 

When it comes to the creative industry, Adobe Lightroom has already implemented AI technology in order to enhance photos. Presets are one of the most used tools in Lightroom as it allows for images to be transformed at the click of a button, but Adobe has added some intelligent AI-powered upgrades to make this tool even more powerful.

AI and the Creative Industry

The creative industry is being blown on its side with software like Midjourney. It is one of the most popular amongst some of the most recent AI programs released and has the ability to create its own artwork.

The software is currently in its Beta phase testing, but has already produced some incredible artwork by interpreting abstract concepts or copying other artists’ styles. This has the creative community like photographers, graphic designers and illustrators already looking at how AI software can benefit their respective professions.

As AI evolves, it may force the creative industry to have to change its understanding of creativity in itself. AI can be a tool to assist and force many creators to think outside of the box and find new methods of creating art.

How Adobe Lightroom is Using AI Technology

Casual social media users, social media influencers and photographers know and love Adobe Lightroom. For years, it has been one of the preferred tools for editing images, but Adobe has integrated video editing in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and the web.

As mentioned before, Adobe Lightroom presets – like this package of 2000+ created by Sitetrail, are a staple tool for any user looking to edit images fast and the software’s integration to more AI driven tools does not disappoint. The most notable changes to Lightroom presets and tools are:

     1. Lightroom AI adaptive presets

Most users that are familiar with editing will know about masking tools to select certain areas of an image in order to apply changes only to the selected areas.

Lightroom presets allow users with the powerful artificial intelligence capabilities of “Select Subject” and “Select Sky” masks to apply presets at a targeted part of an image. 

Users are able to apply dramatic effects to the sky of an image or make the subject of the image the focal point. Through one click, Lightroom users have access to intelligent and powerful AI masking.

     2. Lightroom AI red-eye removal

We have all seen a photo with one or more subjects having red eyes. This is often due to flash photography. Lightroom’s AI red-eye removal tool will locate the eyes in an image automatically and correct them. This means that users no longer have to click on each individual eye to fix eye redness.

     3. Lightroom AI for video editing

Yes, Lightroom is not only just for images anymore, but video editing is also now possible. The tools are similar to those for editing images, making the interface easy to learn and use for those already familiar with the software.

Lightroom’s premium presets and AI-powered presets can be applied to video editing which is a game changer for many creative professionals. It means that one software can be used for editing both video and images with AI tools that speed up the editing process.

Final Take

The laymen are the new professionals with AI. Songs have been created through AI technology, beautiful artwork has been and many images have been manipulated and edited through powerful tools such as presets.

The beauty of creators are their respective individualities and styles. It is for this reason that AI driven tools can be an asset for social media users, photographers or artists by assisting them in achieving the desired outcome.

With the clever Ai driven adaptive presets from Adobe Lightroom, anyone can professionally edit their images or videos to share with the world.

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