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Everything you All Want to know about Filmora Video Editing Software

Filmora helps you to get started with a new movie project by importing and editing your videos, adding special effects and transitions, and sharing your final production on social media or mobile devices. It gives you amazing results, regardless of your skill level. 

This is a perfect video editor for online social video editors, vloggers, home-recorded movies, and more. This software is compatible with both Mac and PC users. 

Let’s know it better with its Basic feature: 

  1. Split Screen in Filmora is a feature that makes you more creative. A lot you can do in just a few clicks i.e Photo making and creating videos, perfect intro, and outro, reaction video, and comparison. You can uniquely tell your story with multiple screens. 

If you are making a video collage for some special occasion or you just want to make it one you can always opt for the Green Screen feature of Filmora. Making photo and video collages along with animation by just using Filmora split-screen templates. 

Just Import your photos and videos and drag them to your ideal templates, voila, it’s done. Without any fuss and mess, wouldn’t you call it an amazing experience? 

  1. Colour Match Filmora gives you the amazing experience of matching colors across multiple clips with the Colour match feature. This feature improves your efficiency by showing all creativity. 

With the color match function, you can set and adjust the color of a clip in a single click easily. You can apply your choice of color to the whole bunch of videos. 

Filmora has the intelligence to match colors appropriately. You can make your whole pictures and videos uniquely color coordinated. It makes your videos more creative by matching color levels 1%-100%. 

  1. Green Screen Filmora gives you the freedom to create your world with the feature called Green Screen with this option you can change video or photo backgrounds and create special effects. 

Green Screen level-up your creativity by changing clip backgrounds with a great variety of effects. Green Screen only required one click to change the video background to help you to impress your audience with special effects. 

  1. Motion Tracking is another magical feature of Filmora. It tracks the object and people’s movements in the video. 

With this motion-tracking tool in Filmora, adding titles and texts to follow the movement of the objects automatically is very easy to achieve. 

In-built mosaic effects in the Motion Tracker feature allow you to blur and censor any unwanted part in every frame throughout the video. Telling your story more magically the tool can add emojis, images, videos, and symbols into visual effects. 

  1. Audio Ducting while recording voice-overs, narrations, or translation, the question must have crossed your mind will the audio be clear, or has a noise-free background? No more worries! Filmora gives you an answer with its Audio Ducting tool which automatically lowers the volume of one track to make another track clear. 

It is the fastest and easiest way to manage your audio levels with the surety that your voice is always heard. Loud and clear. 

Above 5 are the few basic features of Filmora. You can learn more exciting features of the Filmora video editing software by using it for Free for 3 days trial period and then you can try to buy Filmora XI once for $59.99, no further subscription is needed. Filmora has introduced a few more amazing features to give more wings to your imaginations. 

Let’s kill the buzz together and learn about its more exciting features of it. 

Speed Ramping 

Speed Ramping is a new feature of Filmora which adjusts your video speed with better control of your frame to give you more creative and unique cinematic effects. 

It changes the speed of your video to look more creative and professional. 

You can create unique speed ramping effects for your video. You can customize the speed ramping effects of your choice, save it, and can use it next time. Easy right? 

The video speed may affect the audio pitch. It sounds crazy, right? But by using Filmora you can maintain the original audio pitch with speed ramping. 

Audio Beat Sync 

Have you ever found matching footage with music difficult? Now, it’s no harder with Filmora Auto Beat Sync, which can automatically edit the footage to make it smooth with the music you choose. But this feature is only for windows right now. 

You do not need editing skills to match the footage with music. Filmora has this amazing feature to Auto Montage the footage with music clips, can analyze beat points to add video effects or switch the view. 

The tool can quickly identify the pad part of the footage, like too dark, overexposure or jitters, and delete them automatically. 

Auto synchronization 

Auto-sync is an effortless option to match your audio with the video. It gives the video more sound and clarity. 

Only one click can combine the two separate files of audio and video and match them perfectly. 

Instant Mode 

Ever wonder what edit skills are required to create a video on Instant Mode? With Filmora it’s none. Yes! You read it right. You just need to add a media and Filmora gives you up to 115 video templates, which include vlog, business intro, slideshow, travel, and many more. 

Instant Mode has the power to automatically recognize video highlights and saves you to consume your time and energy. 

When you are not getting any ideas on how to arrange your media for a video, Instant Mode of Filmora helps you by providing you with sample videos with which you can get the spark in your creativity. 

Why do YouTubers use Filmora for video Productions? 

Filmora gives more power to Youtubers or any less skilled video maker than Windows Movie Maker or any other editing software. 

It allows video-makers to look at their videos professionally. The Filmora Editing Software empowers your story with hundreds of filters, overlays, different elements, amazing transitions, mixing multiple layers of effects and audio 

At last, here are some Pros and Cons of the Pros 

  • No special editing skill is required, most people can use it. The perfect balance of features and ease to use. 
  • Anyone can take advantage of all the features Filmora offers with some great video tutorials. 
  • Lots of amazing filters and available to add on. 
  • Audio detachment and Green screen capabilities are another exciting and easy-to-use process for editors. 

Pricing And Plan

Overall, Wondershare Filmora 11 is one of the most user-friendly video editing apps we’ve seen. Its basic and advanced video editing tools are beneficial for beginners as well. This may not be as strong as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, but spending $79.99 for a lifetime license is well justified. 

After the pandemic hit the world and losing my job I had nothing to do. By that time I started making my YouTube video editor and since I was a beginner it was really difficult for me to make videos and tell my story beautifully. But Filmora gave me the freedom to create videos with a lot more transitions and good sound effects. 

Download From Here:

Filmora for Windows: 

Filmora for Mac 

Filmora for iPad


In conclusion, Filmora includes everything you’ll need to make movies, whether they’re for YouTube, Vlogs, trip videos, game shows, instructive videos, or anything else. Its intuitive interface and process allow new users to become comfortable with the program in minutes, rather than days, as with other video editing systems. Basic video editing features, such as cut, trim, divide videos, add text titles, animations, crop, zoom, add transitions, modify audio, and color correction buttons, are well-positioned on the main work surface in Wondershare Filmora 11 You don’t even have to read the operational manual to get started.

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