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After the wild roller coaster Bitcoin has been on this year, investors are wondering if the cryptocurrency will boom again. Peek at the history of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin – A Big Boom in the World of Finance

There have been several financial events throughout the years that have gained a lot of attention as they impacted the world. Today we have the boom of cryptocurrencies in the world of finance. 

These aren’t your typical currencies as they don’t exist in physical form. Also, they have a lot of benefits which is why they’re so popular. Among them, Bitcoin is the once crypto to rule them all.

As a decentralized virtual currency you don’t have to worry about a bank having access to your assets. You won’t be charged any maintenance fees. Also, you’ll be the owner of your assets so you’ll be in charge of all the investing decisions you make with your Bitcoin. When it comes to making transactions you’ll need 2 keys to make this happen.


One of them is private and the other one is a public key. Just like your public and private lives, you keep the private key to yourself and share the public key with other Bitcoins. You keep the private key to yourself because it’s your password and lets you access your Bitcoin. When a transaction happens it also approves it and lets it appear on your ledger.

For a transaction to happen you need another Bitcoin user. This can be an online site that accepts this virtual currency so you can buy goods or services. Alternatively, you can swap Bitcoin for another virtual currency or a fiat currency. The one perk of it that made it quite popular is its profit potential.

That’s why lots of people are looking to start Bitcoin trading. They can do so thanks to the various trading simulator apps available. Alternatively, they can go for a trading platform like to do the trading for them. But what makes this platform popular?

Well, it’s a platform that takes a short time to master. It combines your input as a user as well as an algorithm to make informed decisions. That’s why you’ll need an account and a small deposit as a starting budget. 

What follows are a couple of tutorials that you’ll need to finish to better understand the platform. A demo account will also be provided. 

When you’re done learning, then you can test the platform with a live session. Afterward, you’ll be free to experiment with the platform’s settings.

Getting Your Bitcoin and Your Bitcoin Wallet

You’ll need to have Bitcoin so you can buy things online regardless if it’s more Bitcoin or online goods or services. You can get your Bitcoin by registering at an online exchange and use fiat currency to buy Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can mine Bitcoin.

This is a process that requires lots of computing power and is also pretty costly, so consider it carefully before opting for this method. Another way you can get Bitcoin is to have someone give it to you. This is a rare occurrence so don’t rely on this option. Regardless of how you get your Bitcoin, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet, and there are lots of them online.

The Bitcoin wallet will be the storage for your Bitcoin wallet. Depending on where the wallet stores your keys, it can be a hot or a cold one. The hot ones do this online and are therefore pretty handy. 

That’s because you can easily access your wallet whenever you want to make a transaction. But they are prone to online risks such as hacker attacks. That’s why their cold counterparts are a safer option. The keys are stored offline and these wallets are virtually impregnable when it comes to keeping your assets safe.

Yours is the decision to make when picking out a wallet. Have your needs in mind as they need to be met and don’t forget about security measures.

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