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Max profits: The strange case of why you can’t buy an iPhone 14 Pro

Most people can’t buy an iPhone 14 pro due to its cost, but there’s another reason behind this cell phone model’s buy-ability. Also, can we stop a bit to realize that we’re already in iPhone 14? We still remember Apple’s very first cellphone models. Anyway, we’ll go straight to the point, the reason why several people can’t have this model is due to a stock shortage. But why is that and what is apple doing? 

As is the usual case of a new cell phone dropping, there are lines of people waiting outside the stores to get their new iPhone 14 pro and pro max. This is getting Apple into big trouble to fill their storages with these particular models. In fact, the demand for the regular iPhone 14 & I phone 14 plus  has dropped massively. Apple has pulled down their production capacity to start producing more of the lacking ones. 

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has spoken up. During an earning’s call Cook ensured that Apple is doing everything on their possibilities to solve this case as soon as possible. The truth is that the pro variant demand ended up being stronger than Apple ever imagined, which is honestly strange due to the global economic conditions. However, here’s all you need to know about this particular case. 

iPhone 14 pro demand 

The truth is there’s nothing weird or twisted around this case, but the unexpected high demand around these models. Although few can pay almost  1000 dollars for anything actually, pro smartphones like this one can truly be worth the price if you use them correctly. Smartphones have become work tools too, content creation in social networks is completely smartphone format.

As time goes by, we consume more content in  vertical format, and sadly, each time with a shorter length due to our general poor attention span. Anyway, it is not weird at all for people to be more interested in having a smartphone like the iPhone 14 pro max. We’ll talk about this model’s particularities and discuss if it’s worth it, nonetheless, a phone like this one should be definitely considered an investment. 

However, there’s always the rich girl or the tech lover that would get the latest and fanciest smartphone just to be on trend. And honestly, if you can pay for it, go for it, yet know that Apple offers an infinite variety of smartphones with different prices that can still do a great job. Letting the planned obsolescence aside, which honestly all brands program, Apple is a worldwide loved brand, but why? 

Is the iPhone 14 pro worth it?

Jobs knew well, he wasn’t only a technologic genius but a social one. He definitely revolutionized the way we interact with others through technology, smartphones are postmodern prosthesis, no matter how creepy it sounds. Yet, each one of us has different needs & budgets to get our prosthesis done, not only to interact with our loved ones but to work!

When we analyze if buying a particular gadget will be worth it, we need to first understand why we are using it and be completely honest.  This time due to the iPhone 14 pro max low stock case, worth is not only about the cost but the waiting time. This cellphone is $1099, the pro one $999 and the regular iPhone 14 is $799 so these are the prices of the latest generation of iPhones

Right now will analyze iPhone 14 pro, which in general counts with features like, excellent build quality, stellar cameras and always-on display. Other great characteristics of this model are top-notch wireless performance as well as useful safety features. Yet it has two particular cons, which are recycled design and dated Lightning connector as well as a weaker battery life than Pro Max model. 

Analyze your particular case and ask yourself if you really need/want an iPhone 14 pro.

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