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Everyone loses their phone from time to time, but you don't need to worry about it. Track your lost phone with these handy tools for iOS devices.

How to Track My Android Phone for Free from an iPhone

Life happens, and having lost control of your Android device is a distinct risk, no matter how vigilant you are.

Every smartphone owner wants to keep their phone safe from intruders. You can not only track your device but also remotely restrict or delete it for protection. All thanks to numerous innovations.

Cell phone monitoring software mSpy provides an opportunity to track a cell phone remotely. You will see the current location of the cell phone, which is helpful in many situations. For example, if your cell phone is lost or stolen. Also, you can use a geofencing feature and receive a notification whenever the cell phone is out of the safe zone. The number of safe and forbidden zones is unlimited.

PIN, password, fingerprint, facial ID, and pattern are some of the security options available. But what if your phone is obtained illegally? Keep reading to know about how to find my iPhone android.

Track Android phone from iPhone

In this day and age, it is critical to stay current with sites and happenings. On the internet, there are a variety of apps and solutions that allow users to track their Android phones. The majority of people believe that tracking Android phones from an iPhone is impossible.

However, this is not the case. Tracking apps thrive in the App Store. Several excellent iPhone apps can track a linked Android phone.

FamiSafe, for example, makes it possible for you to track my android phone from an iPhone.

In this post, we will discuss such concerns and attempt to provide you with the most potential solution. You will get to know all about how to find a phone.

You’ll find the finest solution to track Android phones from your iPhone for free right here. Before producing this helpful guide, all of the approaches mentioned in this post were sorely tested.

Find My Device

Because Find My Device is an Android app, you won’t be able to use it on your iPhone or iPad. You can, however, use the app through its website, just like you can track your iPhone from an Android phone. here’s how you can find my iPhone android:

Step no. 1:

On your iPhone, open Chrome or any other browser.

Step no. 2:

Type into the web address.

Step no. 3:

Tap Next after entering the Google ID that is currently active on your smartphone

Step no. 4:

Enter your Password and tap Next once again.

Step no. 5:

The main device screen will appear, with a map, device identifiers, and other items.

Step no. 6:

On the Map, tap the Location tag. The precise information of the Android device will be displayed in a separate tab or Maps app.

Step no. 7:

If you want to get navigation to the device’s location, tap Directions.

Don’t go out to apprehend the thief with stolen equipment. It’s a good idea to involve local authorities. After all, you did your bit in keeping an eye on the phone, so now it’s up to them to get it recovered. On the other hand, if the Android device’s GPS is turned off, you won’t be able to monitor it.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Lots of Android and iOS users use Family Locator. It is a cross-platform GPS tracking application. Life360 conceived and built this app to make GPS tracking more convenient. This application has many features that make GPS tracking to track my android phone more convenient.

You can stay in touch with all of your family members’ locations at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This tool provides you easy access to the current position of all family members. This platform also provides a complete chat and group structure that helps users to effortlessly communicate with other family members or friends via the app. The following steps will help you:

Step no. 1:

First, install Family Locator – GPS tracker on both the intended Android phone and your iPhone.

Step no. 2: 

On both Android and iOS devices, open the Family Locator app. Finish the configuration procedure.

Step no. 3:

Share the true position of the target Android device with your iPhone device.

Step no. 4:

Afterwards, on your iPhone, open the Family Locator app and allow the sharing access. Without the target Android device’s knowledge, you’ll be able to locate it on a screen.

FamiSafe Location Tracking

FamiSafe is the greatest cell phone monitoring tool for knowing where the target device is at all times. It makes no difference if the target device is an Android or an iOS smartphone.

FamiSafe offers cross-platform access You can use your iPhone to access your Android phone. Simply download and install FamiSafe on both your Android and iPhone devices, then log into the same FamiSafe account. After that, you may begin tracking the Android device you want to track.

It is one of the best apps to know how to locate android phone. The location tracking feature is programmed with a sophisticated algorithm. It allows it to track the location with great precision. It will track the position of a target device using GPS, Wi-Fi, or even a mobile data provider.

You may also check the location data of the target Android to see where your family members have gone. You can set geofences around your family members’ locations if you want to be notified when they go there.

You can quickly block and filter hazardous information including gambling websites and online pornography. It also assists you in detecting any explicit images on your children’s social media accounts.

This way you can take appropriate action if online abuse or violence is identified. It’s also possible to set screen time restrictions or smart scheduling.

It is to ensure that their phone cannot be used while they are studying or sleeping or in certain locations such as schools or bedrooms. Follow these steps to avoid troubles:

Step no. 1: 

Create a free FamiSafe account on the website or through the app.

Step no. 2: 

Install FamiSafe on the iPhone of the parent and FamiSafe Jr on the Android phone of the child. It’s available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Step no. 3: 

Make some changes to the phone settings on both the kid’s and the parent’s phones.

Step no. 4: 

After you’ve performed the above steps, launch the FamiSafe app on your iPhone and log in with the same account. From the iPhone, tap “Location” to see the target Android device’s current location.


If you have an Android device and wish to track it with your iPhone, you can do so using apps like FamiSafe. It helps in tracking an Android phone for free from your iPhone. Its capabilities include location tracking, internet history, mobile phone usage, and many others. It is one of the best accessible tracking apps.

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