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Tips for Creating a Cool Instagram Profile

Social media is at the center of networking in today’s world. Everything happens on or through it. 

Apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to re-create yourself, a personal brand and an identity that brings people, opportunities and stimulation your way. 

The focus of this article is Instagram and a mode of personal branding- your Instagram Profile. 

An extremely popular platform, Instagram, allows its users to post their pictures on their profile to share with the world. This means your profile is a central determinant of how people view you and your activities on the internet. 

Let’s look at some ways you can create a cool Instagram profile you actually like. 

Before we begin consider these: 

What is Your Purpose? 

To make the best use of your account on Instagram, you must be clear about why you have it. 

Is it a business account or a personal account? 

Is it personal branding or is it just a casual personal account for self-expression? 

Is it commercial or informative, like news or blogs?

Figure out what your account is going to be about since not every account on Instagram is meant to be marketable in some way unless you want it to be. 

What are Your Goals? 

The second thing to consider is what you want to achieve. 

Do you just want to share your pictures and keep your family updated? 

Do you want your account to be educational or promote your business services or your skills? 

The cool thing about social media is it allows you to do anything and be anything. So deciding what you want your account to do will really shape your profile. 

Taking a flexible model profile for discussion (personal or commercial), let’s look at what you can do to create a cool Instagram profile: 

1. Focus On Aesthetics

A good profile is based on good appeal. This means the aesthetic experience you portray through your profile creates or breaks the game for most people. 

For personal accounts, aesthetics can be subjective due to individual style.  For more professional ones, the kind of pictures, the quality of pictures and videos matter a lot. 

Some tips to focus on better aesthetics would be to post high-quality pictures (hire a professional photographer, maybe), and follow a color theme for your profile or similar fonts. 

If it’s a business profile, you can also hire a content creator to aesthetically deliver your messages. 

2. Hop On Trends From Time To Time

Whether you are a business or a personal profile, the right trends can really help the viewers to connect with you and what you bring to the table. 

Let’s say you’re a writer who runs a poetry account, by using trendy hashtags or hopping on the correct Tiktok reel trends you can create a following for your profile. 

Stick to things that are relevant to your purpose and find ways to create cool content in those parameters. 

3. Make Use Of Technology and Editing

From AI Avatars to bots that handle chats on Instagram, everything is available in technology to make your profile “cool”.  

Recently, Instagram picked on the AI avatars/pictures trend where people create professional quality avatar-style images or artwork of their pictures via AI services. Such services ask you to upload your pictures and convert them in little-no time into an interesting HD colorful or detailed photo. 

Similar is the case with editing apps. 

These apps offer stunning features that can help you sell your product, increase popularity or quite literally change how you look. 

Using AI and other technology nowadays is essential to creating a cool, updated and appealing profile.

4. Use Creative Delivery 

Delivery of your content is crucial to creating a cool profile. 

There are so many times, we’ve all seen reels or posts that made us want to do something similar or just felt really out-of-box. Finding creative styles, do engaging post creation to boost your profile and show your audience your cool side.  

5. Keep It Original 

Lastly, the more authentic and unique to you your content will be, the cooler your profile will seem. 

Everyone at this point recognizes the overuse of beautifying tactics sooner or later. Keeping it real can help your audience relate to you and retain that ‘cool’ vibe they picked from your profile. 

So, there you have it – the top tips for making a stunning Instagram profile and achieving skyrocketing followership.

Which tip will you try first?

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