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Instagram Highlights: The Simple Guide for Everyone

Heya! You’ve probably been on Instagram, scrolling around, and seen those fancy circle thingies below people’s bios, right? They’re called Instagram Highlights. And, guess what? They ain’t just for influencers or big celebs. Yep, you can have them too! It’s like having mini-albums of your fav moments. Wanna learn how? Stick around!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of making highlights, lemme tell you a secret. Wanna see what others are doing on Instagram without them knowing? You really should Use Instagram Story Viewer by Inflact. It’s free, easy and online. No need to download a thing. And the best bit? You can snoop around without anyone ever knowing! It’s like a secret spyglass to the world of Instagram. Cool, huh?

Making Highlights: Step-by-Step

  1. Start with a Story
  2. First thing’s first, you gotta have a story up. If you haven’t got one, no stress. Just post something. A cute pic of your cat, a sunset, or what you had for lunch. Anything!
  3. To see your story, just click your profile pic.
  4. Let’s Make a Highlight
  5. Under your profile pic and your bio, there’s a little ‘+’ sign that says ‘New’. That’s your ticket. Click on it.
  6. Now, you’ll see your stories. Choose the ones you wanna put in this highlight. You can pick one or many. It’s up to you!
  7. Give It a Cool Name
  8. Once you’ve picked your stories, you gotta name your highlight. It’s gotta be short though. Like ‘Days Out’, ‘Kitty Fun’ or ‘Yummy Foods’.
  9. Pick a Cover for Your Highlight
  10. You can use one of your story pics or choose a new one.
  11. Here’s a little trick: some people use cute icons or little drawings as their covers. Makes things look neat and fancy!
  12. Time to Go Live!
  13. Once you’re happy, click ‘Add’. And just like that, your highlight’s there for all your friends to see.
  14. Changing Things Up
  15. Change is good, right? If you wanna add more pics or videos to your highlight later, it’s super easy.
  16. Go to your profile, press on the highlight you wanna change, and pick ‘Edit Highlight’.
  17. From there, you can add more, change the cover, or even give it a new name. It’s all in your hands.

Why Even Bother with Highlights?

The goal of the Instagram viewer is to tell the engagement how many views you got on your post or how many followers you have. Does it work?

They’re Always There: Stories? They disappear in a day. But highlights? They stick around until you say bye-bye. Show Off a Bit: Got a story you love a lot? Put it in a highlight and let everyone see! Keep Things Tidy: You can group similar stories. All your beach fun in one highlight, maybe?

Now, I get it. Sometimes we just run outta ideas. Or we wanna see what’s cool and trending. That’s when Ig story viewer by IGSV comes to the rescue. It’s free, quick and you won’t have to login or anything. And, ya know what’s even better? Nobody will know you’ve been looking. So, happy snooping!

Things to Keep in Your Head:
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  • Who Can See My Stuff?: If your Instagram’s private, only your friends (followers) can see your highlights.
  • Don’t Like It? Remove It: You can delete a highlight anytime. But, don’t worry, it won’t get rid of the stories from Instagram.
  • Move ‘Em Around: Feel like changing things up? You can switch the order of your highlights. Just drag ‘em around.

You Might Be Wondering…

  1. Will people know if I’ve looked at their highlights?

    Nah, they won’t have a clue! Just like with stories, there’s no way for them to know.
  2. Is there a max number of highlights I can have?

    Instagram’s pretty chill. They don’t say you can have this many and no more. But, ya know, too many might look a bit messy. So, think before you add.
  3. Can I change what’s in a highlight?

    For sure! You can take stuff out, put more in, or mix it all up. Whatever feels right for you.

To Wrap Things Up…

Instagram highlights. They might look all fancy and hard, but really? They’re a piece of cake. It’s your Insta, so make it shine! Put up your best bits, organize your memories, and let everyone see what you’re all about. Go on, give it a go. And if you ever wanna see what others are doing for some inspo, well, you know where to look. Wink wink. Happy highlighting, pal!

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