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So, in this blog, we will discuss about how you can make a difference through the posts through social activism on Instagram.

Instagram for Social Activism: How to Make a Difference Through Your Posts

Instagram is basically a graphic and image-sharing tool that attracts businesses based on visuals. But, Instagram has indeed evolved a lot and thus a lot of people are using it for building relationships, learning about something new, and showcasing support for different causes. 

Also, if you want to download videos on Instagram to support different causes, then InstaFinsta can very well help you to do it. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss about how you can make a difference through the posts through social activism on Instagram. Let us have a look: – 

Social Media Activism –  What it is?

Social Media activism is advocacy or protest through online mediums for a particular cause. On the contrary, hashtags play a very important role in mobilizing the movements through social media. 

Some of the aspects that are involved in social media activism are promoting social justice issues awareness and showing solidarity through the use of posts, hashtags, and campaigns. 

Further, social media activism is supported through proper donations, concrete actions as well and commitments that are measurable. 

Instagram for Social Activism – what are the steps that you need to follow?

  • Set the objectives and goals 

Every strong social media campaign is backed with objectives and goals that make use of measurable, specific, relevant, achievable, and time-bound campaigns. Through this step, desired outcomes are identified and hence the campaign can easily be kept on track. 

  • A clear message needs to be stated 

Talking about Social Activism, the message that is delivered must be compelling and clear. If a concrete message is put into place, then supporters can understand the cause behind it and why they should engage. 

Also, the message helps in avoiding co-opting and confusion as the campaign picks up the pace on Instagram. 

  • Place a proper call to action 

The supporters need to know why proper action should be taken by them. This could be motivating the participants to get in touch with the community leaders or a proper call to action to boost the campaign. 

  • Selecting the right platform 

Most people have their perception that their message should be shared on different social media platforms. So, if you wish to avoid the following trap, you should get in touch with the target audience on a certain platform. 

For instance, Instagram camping can be perfect for getting in touch with Millennials and Gen Z adults. 

  • Use a proper hashtag 

Hashtags can very well be used to boost the reach of your campaign as well as engage alongside supporters. Also, the campaign hashtags that you are using should convey the call to action that you are trying to use. 

So, before you use a hashtag, a search should be conducted such that it is not being used by any other organizations. Also, try to use a hashtag that is flexible as you can easily use it at the end or beginning of the sentence. 

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