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Instagram is a useful tool for socializing, but it can also be used for business. Here are some tips on how to best use IG for business.

5 ideas to use Instagram for business

What is the most popular social network today? About a few years ago, you’d probably say Facebook. But in 2021, Instagram takes over. Recently, it’s become not only a powerful platform for communication, but also for making money. At least once a day, users check their Instagram feed. That’s why you need to know how to use this social network for your business. 

Buy Instagram story views

You should post your stories at a time when most people in your country are active on Instagram. But if you want to target the audience of some other country then post when that country is active. For example: if you are posting to capture the US audience, then find out the time difference before posting.

But no matter when you post if you are not able to grab eyeballs then your message will not reach the audience. As such you need to grow your follower count by opting to buy story views on sites like Know that when you buy Instagram story views then you will decide the time your views will come in from Fameoninsta. So if you buy story views Instagram then you will be in control.


If you already have an account with about 100 thousand active followers, you use your Instagram for business to advertising. You can do it through your posts or stories. For this, you need to make sure that you update your profile every day. 

Show your personality, spice up your stories and texts. In this way, you’ll have something unique, so you’ll gather the audience that is interested in your life. Therefore, they’ll be loyal and trust your recommendations.

Sell ​​Your Experience

If you have some insights, unique knowledge, and skills, share them to make money. Thus, you can create a digital product. But firstly, to promote it, you need to gather an audience from scratch that will trust you and be willing to buy your services. 

So, either way, you need some sources to promote it. Besides, there are also free methods such as buying Instagram likes and followers. It’s an instant help to your account to get a rapid promotion.

Now, let’s move on to the question of how to come up with an original product. The first thing you can do is to study the literature in your niche. Another way is to research the audience that supports your account. You can ask them what they are willing to buy. Find out the issues of your audience and come up with the solution.

There are some certain reasons why you won’t be successful at selling your product on Instagram:

  • No relevant business ideas;
  • You aren’t sure whether you have enough knowledge in your field;
  • After having launched the product, you find that no one needs it.

To cope with these issues, carefully study the market and consumers’ demands. Attend a similar course to find blind spots. And add something unique and personal from your own experience. 

Affiliate Networks

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money on Instagram is to sell other retail goods or services using affiliate networks. How does it work?

For this, you need to make the following steps:

  1. Sign up;
  2. Choose an affiliate product or service;
  3. Get approval for your Instagram account as an advertising platform;
  4. Get an affiliate link;
  5. Place an advertising post with an affiliate link in your account;

So, if the user goes to your affiliate link and buys a product or service, you’ll receive a reward. 

Selling via Shopping Tags

At the end of 2016, Instagram introduced the shopping tags function. It allows retailers to add tags to products on their photos. So users can buy them directly from the app. Initially, this function was available only for US users. But the list of countries is expanding every year.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Account promotion is another viral Instagram business that can help you earn. Nowadays, many companies that maintain their profiles on this social network need promotion specialists. What is the essence of this job?

  • Content and plan creation;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Partnership with other bloggers;
  • Advertising and promotion;
  • Activity.

Ultimately, there are many more ideas for making money on Instagram. Instagram has many opportunities for anyone to work and earn. It’s not just a social network, but a real trading platform.

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