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Does your business have an Instagram account? There's an array of Instagram features for your product or service. Here's how to use the app's features.

10 Instagram Features that Every Business Should Use

Nowadays, every business has realized that Instagram is one of the best platforms to attract new customers and build its brand recognition. For this reason, you can see an increase in the number of businesses that are present on this social media platform. Especially now that retail shops are closed due to the pandemic, reaching out to potential customers through social media is crucial for the survival of small businesses. It can useful to seek out the best sites to buy Instagram likes. In order to get more engagement, there are some potential Instagram likes app you can try. 

Instagram has realized that it is an excellent tool for retailers and offers a variety of features suitable for businesses. Through these features, retailers can make sales directly on Instagram, promote products, and drive traffic to their e-shop. No matter what they’re following, every business must buy Instagram followers and automatic Instagram likes for the greatest results. 

Here’s the best Instagram features to approach customers and make sales. 

Instagram shops

One of the biggest changes on Instagram has been the introduction of Instagram Shops. The feature is readily available to all users from the main screen as there is a separate menu button for it. As a business, you have to create a Facebook Shop and then add the catalog of your products. As soon as this is ready, you can create your Instagram Shop, from which users can directly purchase your products. Then, promote your stock in high-quality posts and automatic Instagram likes.

Shopping AR filters

This is a brand-new feature that will bring changes in the shopping experience that users will have on the platform. Some brands can already create custom AR filters, which will show the product on the user’s environment in its real dimensions. This will be exceptionally helpful for retailers that sell furniture or products for interior design as users can immediately check how they will look in their rooms. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are technologies with great potential, and for this, they are going to be used more in every aspect of our lives. 

Convert existing posts to ads

If you are a business trying to grow a community on Instagram, you already know that this is a very challenging process. Of course, if you buy Instagram followers, you can get a significant advantage over your competitors. Another way of promoting your account is by using Instagram ads. Once you convert your account into a business one, you gain access to advertising. At any given time, you can choose one of your existing posts and create an ad out of it, which Instagram will show to every relevant user.

Shoppable tags in posts

If you have set up an Instagram Shop, then you have to use Shoppable tags in your posts. With this feature, you can tag your products on your posts. Users who view them, can see useful information, such as the price, and tap on the product to view it in your Shop. This converts your posts into a storefront, from which you convince users to buy your products. These posts will benefit significantly from automatic Instagram likes that will make them reach a wide audience. 

Shoppable tags in Stories

This feature is similar to the shoppable tags in posts. The only difference is that you can tag your products in your Stories. As you already know, many users prefer to browse Stories, rather than their feeds. Therefore, the right way to promote your products is by using every possible feature. Shoppable tags can also be combined with the “Swipe Up” feature, which can send users to your e-shop. In any case, you should buy Instagram followers for more visibility on your “Stories”.

“Gift Card” button

A new feature on Instagram is the action button that every business can add to their profile. The first action button ideal for retailers and small businesses is the “Gift Card” button. With this tool, users can purchase a gift card, which they can send to their loved ones. The pandemic has brought many changes in the retail world, and this action button aims to make things better for businesses. Since users cannot buy presents for their friends & family, they can give them gift cards from the businesses they like. 

“Order Now” button

The next feature is one more action button. This time, the tool is ideal for restaurants and cafes since it is the “Order Now” button. Users no longer have to download & install an application for ordering food online as they can do it through Instagram. This is yet another feature introduced to help businesses during these difficult times. Nevertheless, you have to buy Instagram followers to see significant results from the action button.

Instagram Live shopping

The new and exciting feature is a great one for every business and influencer. With this tool, you can do an Instagram Live and showcase specific products. When you show a product, you can pin it on the screen from where users can visit your Instagram Shop to purchase it.  Of course, your Instagram Live will have more users if you buy Instagram followers. 

Arrow Pen for Instagram Stories

When you promote products on your Stories, you use the “Swipe Up” feature. With this, you can send users to your e-shop, where they can find more about the product and purchase it. The Arrow Pen is an Instagram Stories feature that will draw attention to the link you have used in your “Swipe Up”. This pen creates an arrow shape, which you can place to show where the user must tap. 

Countdown sticker

The countdown sticker is another Instagram Stories tool that is very useful to businesses and influencers. With this, you can set a timer for the launch of a product or the beginning of special offers so that you build hype within your audience. Every interested user can set a reminder so that they are notified when the countdown reached its end.

All of these features will help your business thrive on social media. No matter what you sell, remember to boost your posts with automatic Instagram likes to get the exposure you need. 

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