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Instagram's IGTV service can be an important tool when it comes to growing your business. Learn how to use the latest marketing techniques today.

5 ways to use IGTV to grow your business

While Instagram started taking off as a photography platform, it has since evolved into much more than that. Within the array of different visual content supported on Instagram, IGTV has become one of the most popular ones.

Part of the reason for this is that longer videos are supported on it, making it easier for creators to produce elaborate videos or to make long videos connecting with their followers. As a business, IGTV can be a great tool in your arsenal as you try to increase your following.

If you’re new to using IGTV, then the following 5 tips are sure to set you on the right path.


1. Repurpose and Repost videos

Every video or post that you create has hours of thought that have gone into its creation. While the video you have created may be phenomenal, Instagram works in 24-hour cycles. This means that having your videos posted only on your main feed will reduce their visibility as once their cycle is complete, they will be lost to obscurity.

By reposting or repurposing previously created content on IGTV you keep your content relevant for longer. Apart from Instagram content being repurposed, you can also trim down and use Facebook, Youtube, or TikTok videos on Instagram so as to make the most out of the content you have created.

While you should ensure that reposting does not happen immediately after the original post – as you want to avoid spamming your followers with repeated content – posting the video after a while can help give it a new life and bring more traction to your account.

There are also tools such as Ingramer or Inflact – which allow you to schedule your posts. That means you will be able to automatically keep reposted content being churned out on your profile. This Ingramer review by The E-Commerce Entrepreneur is very insightful as to how to get started with this tool immediately.

2. Share Q&A Videos

Social media is all about engagement and as you get more and more followers you will surely find that many of them will have questions about your products, your business, or even you.

A Q&A video is an easy way of engaging with your audience by answering all those questions that they have been burning to get answers to. This type of content is also very personal and unique and your audience will surely appreciate getting an inside look into your business and products.

3. Create a Recurring Show or a content series

Recurring video series on IGTV can help drive up your engagement rate as they give your viewers something to look forward to. The show or content series that you are creating doesn’t necessarily need to be made up of videos with a clear storyline. Instead, all of your videos could follow the same thematic category, or feature the same characters. All of these things will make your followers want to tune in every time.

Scheduling your show at a set time and day can also be extremely important as it sets up expectations for the viewers. Consistency also breeds a relationship of trust that can be crucial in building up your business.

4. Post Tutorial Videos

For smaller businesses in niche markets, creating tutorial videos can be a great way of bringing new viewers and followers in. As IGTV supports longer videos, tutorials can very easily be made and featured on the platform. High-quality tutorials are usually extremely valued by audiences as they give the sense that a business is looking to help them out, rather than just sell them products.

Depending on the type of product that you sell, video tutorials can also be extremely aesthetically pleasing and can go viral as more and more people share them with their friends.

5. Showcase Products

As a business, the most important thing that you can do is create videos on IGTV that showcase your products and services. From featuring the product in funny skits to creating explanatory videos showcasing how to use them, there is a world of possible video ideas available to you.

Making your products look attractive on social media and promoting them this way can help drive up sales as people will be able to visualize themselves using your products. ArXe Ventures found their clients were able to seriously boost sales simply by having well-known influencers explain how to use their products in promotional IGTV videos.

Those were our 5 ways to use IGTV to grow your business in 2022. Make sure to use all of Instagram’s features such as this one, to achieve exponential growth and compete with all your competitors.

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Hope this helps.

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