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HOW TO RECOVER YOUR STOLEN BITCOIN: Hire a professional to recover stolen bitcoin, NFTs and other cryptocurrencies

What is Bitcoin?

Digital currency known as Bitcoin exists online but is not controlled by any one organization, bank, or government. Instead, it uses peer-to-peer software and encryption to function and carry out transactions. On servers located all around the world, a copy of the public ledger, which includes the specifics of each Bitcoin transaction, is kept. Anyone with a home computer can install these servers, known as nodes. Instead of relying on a single source of assurance, such as a bank, these nodes employ cryptography to ascertain who is the owner of which coins. Every transaction is shared among the network’s nodes and made accessible to all users. These transactions are completed and preserved by miners into blocks, which are added to the blockchain permanently every 10 minutes.

The Number of Bitcoins Reported to Have Been Lost

Bitcoin has grown to be the most well-known and often-used cryptocurrency worldwide since its introduction in 2009. Yet, there are several challenges that all Bitcoin investors must face. One of these challenges is the loss incurred when buying or selling bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is a digital asset, it is more common for investors to misplace or overlook their investments. According to study, 4 million Bitcoins, or the equivalent of USD 140 billion at the time, have been permanently lost as of 2022. That astounding sum of money demonstrates how perilous investing in Bitcoin right now may be.

What Leads to Bitcoin Losses?

Unintentional Loss: If you accidentally delete your wallet or are unable to recover your private key, you will never see your Bitcoins again.

Theft: If scammers or hackers take your Bitcoins, there is no way to get them back except you hire a Bitcoin recovery expert like HackersTent. (

Scams: You run the risk of having your Bitcoins stolen if you fall for, or take part in, any of the countless fraudulent activities connected with bitcoins. One of them is the use of fake Bitcoin exchanges or wallets.

Exchange failures: If the cryptocurrency exchange where you usually trade fails, you run the risk of losing your Bitcoins.

Stony forks: You risk losing money if you end up on the wrong side of a contentious hard fork of the Bitcoin network.

Questions and Answers About Lost or Stolen Bitcoin 

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How to recover stolen crypto

Those are just some of the frequently asked questions about missing Bitcoins. The majority of the time, you will be informed that the lost Bitcoin cannot be retrieved because it takes a lot of work to locate any missing Bitcoin. But, employing a recovery agent is the most reliable option to recover your lost or stolen Bitcoin. Here, “a recovering hacker”—not “any hacker”—is the important phrase. Hackerstent ( is a reputable platform for this operation. Around 47,678 Bitcoin, 37,600 NFTs, and 34,276 Ethereum have been recovered by Hackerstent since 2019 in 2022. Even though there are many platforms that claim to be recovery agents, this platform has shown that it can handle the job.

The Lesson: 

It’s a misconception that once bitcoin is lost, it can almost never be recovered, especially if the secret keys that gave you access to it were lost. The easiest way to prevent loss is to make sure that cryptocurrency is never lost in the first place. You need to construct and back up a secure wallet, protect your private keys and other passcodes, and transmit transactions cautiously to do this. A platform called Hackerstent provides assistance in finding lost Bitcoin or any other kind of cryptocurrency.

Last Step: 

Send an email to or to engage a recovery agent that will assist you in quickly recovering your lost Bitcoin.



Using a blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were created by tokenizing assets. They are given unique identifiers and metadata that distinguish them from other tokens. NFTs can be traded and converted into fiat currency, cryptocurrencies, or other NFTs depending on how much the market and their owners are willing to pay for them. You could utilize an exchange to produce a token for, say, an image of a banana. To some, the NFT may be worth millions, but to others, it may be for nothing. The key distinction between cryptocurrencies and other tokens is the fungibility, or interchangeability, of cryptocurrencies on the same network. Despite their similar appearance, two NFTs from the same blockchain cannot be swapped for one another.


Investors, collectors, and creators all abound in the NFT world. You might be asking if an NFT can be stolen given the volume of money that is moving through the market and the value that some of these digital assets possess. The answer is “YES” NFTs can be stolen. By clicking on a malicious link, disclosing your secret word, or through user error, your NFT could be Stolen. Sadly, a number of frauds are used to steal NFTs on a daily basis. While some scams are obviously evident, others are really well thought out. Both newbies in the NFT realm as well as veterans have been scammed, so that’s not to imply that just specific people have had their NFTs taken.



One of the most prevalent NFT frauds in the market is deception. Users are frequently duped into sending NFTs or giving access to their wallets. Scammers will frequently contact you through your DMs, either by promising you assistance or a deal that is too good to refuse. That ought to be the first warning sign.


A stolen NFT is typically the consequence of user mistake. Almost all stolen NFTs could have been prevented if the user had been more knowledgeable about these widespread con games. All of these mistakes—clicking on a dangerous link, or knowingly sending your NFT away, can be prevented.

How can you then ensure that your NFTs are less likely to be stolen?

  1. Never share your secret phrase

Never share your passwords or wallet secret phrase with anyone. I don’t care if it’s your grandma or your favorite influencer, there is no reason to ever share your wallet secret phrase with anyone.

  1. Don’t store your secret phrase on your computer or other devices

Never store your passwords or wallet secret phrase on any device, regardless of how secure you think your computer or mobile device is. Hackers will discover your secret phrase and can easily access your devices. Instead, put them in writing and save them somewhere secure.

  1. Don’t ever click on links you don’t believe in.

This is really crucial! Never ever click on any links that you aren’t 100 percent sure about. It’s game over if you click a link and sign any transactions using your wallet.

  1. Don’t let anyone else use your screen.

Scammers typically target vulnerable individuals. Just be aware that anyone requesting you to share your screen with them is most likely trying to con you. Never allow anyone or any business to use your screen.


A lot of questions have been asked about stolen NFTs Some of them are:

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Stolen NFTs can be recovered but by professional hackers who are dedicated to helping people recover stolen cryptocurrencies. Before you hire such hacker, you need to be sure he is not just another scam who needs your information to steal more from you. This is why a platform like was created. To help people hire hackers that will make the digital world safe for them.

To recover your stolen NFT, all you have to do is:

  1. check out their website
  2. send them an email
  3. Wait for their swift response
  4. Provide the necessary information
  5. Grab a cup of mojito and wait for your NFT to be recovered.

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