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How to Connect with other Pet Lovers with the Social Media Platform: PETLOVERSCHAT

Social media has become a vital part of the everyday lives of people across the globe. According to a study on the social media use of the US in 2021, ‘roughly seven in ten Americans’ actively use one or more forms of social media. This illustrates the widespread adoption of social media platforms, as the survey takes into account a wide range of age groups and demographics. The beauty of social media is that there are so many platforms that cater to different areas of interest. Whilst Facebook is primarily used for social connection, platforms like Instagram focus on curated images. 

One social media area that has been relatively unexplored and untapped is social media platforms dedicated to pets, or pet lovers. Now, PETLOVERSCHAT is introducing a social media platform that is dedicated to just that. The app is the first social media platform that is solely devoted to connecting animal lovers and owners. This platform will allow pet lovers to connect with one another, and build a community based on their love and dedication to their pets. The company was founded by husband and wife duo Arlene and Joseph Scarano.


Arlene and Joseph Scarano, who are both animal lovers and pet owners themselves, noted the lack of a social media platform that was dedicated to pet lovers and their pets. Many social media users post images of their pets on other platforms, but the platforms they choose are not specific to the content that they post. Moreover, these social platforms do not have features that target pet owners specifically. This presented the team with an opportunity to create a platform that offers a variety of applications and tools for pet owners to connect with other pet lovers.  However, the team did not stop there. They believed that a platform for pet lovers could expand beyond just a platform for connection. With the introduction of a marketplace, PETLOVERSCHAT offers pet specific small businesses to promote their products and services directly to an audience that would most benefit from them. 

The Scarano team notes that, “Our Ad Center utilizes an innovative, flexible and facile advertising model supporting companies in the pet industry as well as other business sectors,” as well as clarifying that their, “Highly effective ad campaigns/packages are designed to generate revenue for businesses of all sizes with real-time reporting of campaign activity. The PETLOVERSCHAT Marketplace also provides direct-to-consumer marketing for individuals and businesses.” This illustrates the diversity of the platform. Moreover, it highlights the intention behind it. The platform was designed as a joyful and fun way for pet lovers to chat and interact with others, whilst also allowing them to engage with business sectors that they may not have seen before. This is a dynamic entry into the world of social media. 


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How Pet Owners can Engage with PETLOVERSCHAT

Once users have created an account with the platform, they are then allowed to create a profile for one of their pets. Users can share their pets name, age, and a brief description of them and their personality. Additionally, users can upload a pet profile picture and cover photo. There is a large variety of pet options, ranging from cats, dogs, to horses. This is a fun way for proud pet owners to show off their favorite furry friends.

Once a pet owner’s profile is set up, they can then begin to engage with the various tools for connection and pet activity on the platform. One feature allows users to arrange ‘pet play dates’ with other user’s pets by selecting the animal type and preferred gender. Whilst this is obviously a great way for pet owners to socialize their pets, it is also a good way for owners to meet new people who share a common love for their animals. 

Other features include an ‘Adoption’ page, as well as a ‘Pet Lost and Found Page.’ These two features are particularly important, as many owners feel helpless and distraught when their pets are lost. The lost and found feature allows other users to actively help pet owners find their pets. Similarly, if a pet was found, it allows those users to share an image of the pet in the hopes of the owner seeing it. The adoption feature is equally important, as animal lovers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of adopting an animal over seeking a breeder. 

The marketplace, as previously mentioned, allows small businesses and owners alike to share their pet products across broad categories. This feature contains pet clothing, accessories, necessities, and more. The beauty of this, however, is that pet lovers can find items that they might not otherwise be able to see. 

The platform, however, does offer some truly playful and impactful features for true animal and pet lovers. The ‘Pet of the Day’ highlights one of the platform’s users and showcases their beloved pet. The ‘Pet Tails’ feature allows users to share beautiful, heartfelt, funny, and interesting stories that relate to their pet. This is a unique form of content for social media users, and is incredibly appealing to many consumers that love their daily dose of animal content. 

Final Thoughts

Social media is a colossal industry that has become vital to the lives of everyday consumers. There are numerous platforms that offer unique takes on social connection and activities. The industry, though, has lacked a platform dedicated to pet lovers and owners. PETLOVERSCHAT has created a platform where pet owners can not only connect, but share stories, pictures, purchase unique pet items, and much more. This is a truly unique platform in the social media space. 

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