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How to buy and sell on XTB

How to buy and sell on XTB as explained by TU Experts

When buying and selling on Forex, each trader has their style and strategy. There is no one way to trade because the FX market is one of the biggest and most liquid in the world. Many factors influence when to buy and sell, but when markets are turbulent, there is typically more volume due to the increased risk.

Traders Union expert conducted research and based on it told how to buy/sell on XTB

What is buying and selling?

Buying and selling forex involves speculating on a currency pair’s upward and downward price movements to profit. Because all forex trading includes purchasing one currency and selling another, it is quoted in pairs. If you expected the base currency to appreciate in value versus the quote currency, you would buy the pair; if you predicted the opposite, you would sell.

The price of a forex pair is the amount that one unit of the base currency is worth in the quotation currency. For instance, if the GBP/USD rate is 1.32000, £1 is equivalent to $1.32.

How to buy/sell on XTB 

XTB’s user-friendly platform, xStation5, is designed to help traders discover what they need quickly, regardless of their trading expertise told TU experts.

·      Logging in

Logging into xStation5 is the initial step in trading with XTB.

·      Choosing the Market

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a top-rated leveraged product, which means traders can get extensive market exposure with a modest deposit. Traders can use the XTB trading platform to trade CFDs on Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. However, beginning traders should remember that utilizing leverage raises both the volume of potential profit and the severity of a potential loss. Because they have limited experience and resources, most novice traders trade in limited instruments explained Traders Union experts.

·      Making the deposit

XTB have no minimum deposit requirement. The trader’s expectations and risk-taking mindset determine the first deposit quantity. More ambitious ambitions are often thought to necessitate a significantly larger capital.

·      Market analysis

Traders must be specific about when they should make a trade and when they are willing to close it, regardless of whether the trade is based on technical analysis or economic data emphasize Traders Union experts.

The XTB trading platform offers a variety of valuable tools and study materials for market analysis, saving investors the time and effort of searching for additional information on multiple websites.

·      Start a trade.

Traders can start a transaction by using Charts or Market surveillance.


Trading with a chart is the most straightforward approach to trading with XTB. Enter the transaction amount and choose whether to buy or sell by selecting the appropriate green or red pricing buttons.

Another option is to right-click anywhere on the analysis chart to open an order window and enter a new order. The trader will find information about open positions in the order panel.

Market Surveillance

After picking an instrument, traders can use the click & trade panel. By clicking the green or red buttons, traders must enter the trade size and whether they wish to buy or sell.

·      Trade management

When the market moves in an unprofitable direction, traders can use the Stop Loss order to limit their losses. The Take Profit order ensures profit at a predetermined level. Both can be added at any time after the order is placed.

·      Finishing the transaction

Closing the deal is the most important aspect of trading because the trader must decide when to close a trade that generates profit or loss. Closing with XTB is quick and simple. Hover the cursor above the chart and click the “X” button to close a trade from the XTB platform.

Alternatively, go to the Open Positions Tab, click on the close option, and select the Close all, Close profitable, or Close losing options you want to close.

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